She was really BAD..No Really

I remember when I first posted about Erin Martin of The Voice. I was excited because here was a young woman whose voice has already been heard on  such television shows like: Pretty Little Liars.  Plus she has a GIRLFRIEND!
 But this performance was so WRONG in so many ways! Here’s the thing: This is what Hollywood does, because the entertainment industry is a business and performers are viewed as products, the producers have to find new and interesting ways to bring a new product to the consumer. They do this by creating television shows that are supposed to be “Real Life” competitions. The only real life anything that I have seen is when American Idol announces it’s auditions and the city they will be in.

To me The Voice and Fashion Star appear to be very contrived and pretty easy to figure out that the competing talent has already been chosen, it was fully intended to pass Erin to the next round. Oh andthe Sheild's Brothers SUCKED also. All of them should have been sent home.

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