Shut The @#$! Up!

I have a couple of issues with this show:

1. Donald Trump is an over exposed pompous and annoying bore.

2. This season the "Isms" abound: "Able-ism" [discrimination against the disabled, in this instance against deaf contestant Lou Ferrigno, which is disgusting] and Racism, rears it's ugly head yet again as the white female contestants join forces to demolish the women of color.
The Latinas didn’t do this, they don’t say that the women of color make the strongest team and they DON’T isolate the white members of the team.

In fact as far as there being 3 women of color: Patricia Velasquez had NO problem throwing Tia Carrere under the bus, although she did defend Dayana Mendoza against unwarranted attacks by Lisa Lampanelli.
This is how I see  the competition playing out amongst the women, because I have seen the same tactic used on Survivor: The white women may try to get rid of the people of color and then battle among themselves for the prize.

Aubrey and Debbie Gibson became BFF’s because that’s what they do. If Aubrey is making fun of a woman of color because of her accent who the hell else is she going to be BFF’s with except another woman who looks like like her [And just happens to be white].
Seriously? I know that some of my Caucasian readers are thinking: Oh my Goddess here she goes again making race an issue.

Well what is up with Aubrey calling Tia: Jealous, angry and 100 years old?
What is the deal with Aubrey mocking Dayanara [Dayana]? Why? because she has an accent!
Dayana Mendoza and Patricia Velasquez
Lampanelli is JEALOUS of Dayana Mendoza  and Patricia Velazquez for that matter. Why else would Lampanelli keep referencing Dayana's beauty? Either she wants her or is jealous.
What is up with them disrespecting Lou Ferrigno? They never give him a chance thank the goddess for Clay Aiken this time. 
The  guy’s want to push out  the disabled guy  and the white women want to out anyone that isn’t white.
Oh and Theresa: Having a Ghost Writer doesn’t make YOU a writer.
FYI: Dayana is Mark Anthony’s ex-wife and Patricia Velasquez is Sandra Bernhard’s ex-lover.
OMG I can't stand that girl Aubrey who said that she and the other white women [Lisa Lampanelli, and Debbie Gibson] are the strongest members of the team. What is up with Lisa "I only F--- Black Men" Lampanelli? Putting down Dayana's approach to the mop challenge? I for one LIKED Dayana's [Ms. Universe] sexual spin on the O 'Cedar mop.


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