Such A Wonderful Thing:

One of the wonderful things about being alive TODAY, NOW and Living In The MOMENT, is the richness that exists in the diversity all around us. How great it is to possess the richness of another culture in one’s ethnicity. I know how it is. I love "my" Germany…I love the land, the language, the design. I love Germany as Much as I love "my" Portugal..I love the food..the romance…the music…as Much as I love "my" Africa, the origin of all human existence on earth. 

Therefore what a TRAVESTY for Amandla Sternberg to experience the bigoted wrath of uneducated, functionally illiterate teenagers who are not even intelligent enough to research this fine young actor to learn about her. You'd think that such individuals would be embarrassed that nationally they are regarded as stupid, even if they do hide behind a cloak of anonymity: You should be embarrassed because somebody, somewhere knows your true identity and how stupid you are.


You can clearly see the multiplicity in Amandla Sternberg’s ethnicity: African American, Danish, Greenlandic.
Contrary to what the dominant culture and contrary to what many African Americans believe, to have some African ethnicity doesn’t make one “BLACK.” 

What a silly notion that does nothing but to deny one’s rich heritage, or even parentage. It’s only based on the insecurities of both groups {granted for different reasons].

I could see the specialness in Sternberg in the movie but I didn’t know what it was until I researched her. Ahhh the Danes, they do produce some beautiful children. 
Freja Beha Erichson
Helena Christensen
#win @TheHungerGames : Don't you love how much home schooled functionally illiterate racist idiots are devolving the Dominant Culture into extinction?


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