The BEST in the Business

I’m not the only woman who’s had celebrity crushes over the years, but none as enduring as these two.
She was  told that she had the “Best T!ts” in the modeling business and you see why:

c12 Here’s the thing: The late Gia Carangi represented everything that the straight world considered desirable: Made up as an image of what every woman should aspire to and what every man desired. But Gia was lesbian and more importantly  at 5’7” and a soft butch, Gia was a veritable “Shorty,” in the modeling industry
Imagine how difficult it must have been for her in the late 1970s and early 1980s to have an identity that was so detached from the reality in which she lived. Gia identified as lesbian and she was sure of her identity.
Hopefully things have changed somewhat and the same fate won’t meet my second crush:

The reigning queen of today’s catwalk, Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen, who is image the epitome of androgyny and the model of every fashion label’s moment for 5 years running (practically a lifetime in fashion parlance).
Although I like Erichson, she will
never capture the voluptuousness that Carangi had. But as lesbians they are two of the vanguards of fashion.


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