My LAST Trash About The Celebrity Apprentice: Dayana You’re Fired!

Lisa Lampanelli clashed with Dayana Mendoza for the millionth time April 29 on The Celebrity http://l.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/p0v8j5uAwzZzJfQrY1k8fw--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NTt3PTYwMA--/http://media.zenfs.com/en_US/News/HollywoodLife.com/042912_lisa_lampanelli_exclusive_featured120429112548.jpgApprentice, but this time, the “C*nt of Mean” wasn’t alone! When project manager Dayana attempted to critique Clay Aiken‘s singing and change Lisa’s lyrics — she called Dayana’s writing style “pure idiocy” — her teammates revolted. There was yelling, there was crying, and expectedly, there was one ugly boardroom.

Dayana had every right to critique Aiken’s singing and if she wanted to change the Lyrics, So WHAT?!  She was the PROJECT Manager! Also there was NOTHING wrong with giving her a refresher course on music styles. In the REAL World you do what your boss tells you to do.

Thankfully I don’t have to watch this show any longer. I am saddened that Dayana was fired but I am heartened that she was strong enough to withstand the attacks of Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey o’Day for 7 weeks. It was an impossible situation that Dayana was in. 

NO ONE wanted her to remain on the show, every week she endured vicious and racist verbal insults by Lisa Lampanelli [I would have been fired the second week as I would have B*tch Slapped Latent Lesbian Lampanelli into next year].

But at least you see why I watched the show. Hot Damn Dayana Mendoza, you sho’ is FINE!

Lisa complains because Dayana Mendoza told Eric Trump what she thought of Lampanelli, Well Lisa REAL women don’t have to sneak behind their opponents back like you and Aubrey oDay do. REAL Women tell you to your face what they think. 
 Get a clue you classless witch. Besides how deep seeded are your dysfunctional issues with always giving us Cockadile Tears [pun intended, you poor excuse of a transgender]. I truly believe that Lisa Lampanelli is either the Adult Child Of an Alcoholic [ACOA} or an actual alcoholic.

See this was Dayana’s dilemma: She was trying to treat racists as Humans. 

Dayana knew that no one respected her and there wasn’t much she could do, there really wasn’t. If she demanded that they follow her direction and they lost she would have been fired, if she went along with their plans and they lost she would be fired. It was a classic sociological example of stratification and marginalization.

What should have happened is Dayana’s team should have afforded her respect as the Project Manager and followed her direction. Yes I know the goal in not only to become The Celebrity Apprentice, but also to win money for charity but let’s be real. These celebs HAVE money, they can donate on their own. 

So if the ultimate goal was just to eliminate Dayana, Lampanelli and Aiken should have listened to her and then when they inevitably lost turn on her.

No this was definitely racial in context. Don’t believe me? I don’t care.

Now the remaining 4 can focus on getting the last person of color [Arsenio “Scatman Crothers” Hall #5] off of the show. Hell talentless fake a$$ Amazon Dweller and LIAR supreme Aubrey oDay has been targeting Arsenio for the longest time and what’s with o’Fey chiming in to put down Dayana when she was on the WINNING Team? She had NO Business interjecting herself in the losing team’s drama except that her goal was to get the Woman of Color of the show.

I had secretly hoped that Dayana would be eliminated weeks ago, because I get so annoyed by Lisa Lampanelli that I couldn’t bare watching her. Have you noticed how white people immediately form alliances to get the people of color, but people of coplor never do the same thing. The only thing that prevented Arsenio from reaching out to Dayana is his own "slave mentality." Donald Trump asked Arsenio if he would work with Dayana and he declined, opting instead to remain with jumior Klans-woman and inarticulate liar Aubrey o'Day despite being repeatedly sabotaged by o'Day in the bored-room [pun intended].

That skank Lampanelli says that she respects intellect because she has people with Masters Degrees working for her. Kind of like when I was a teenager I would hang out around college students to feel smart. Then one day I went to college and then grad school and earned my own Masters Degree.

Guess what Lisa, it takes more than having educated people work for you. Intelligence is exhibited through grace and disposition. Lampanelli has NO Grace and possesses a lousy disposition.

As far as her bragging about being successful in a male dominated industry, well just look at her fugly arse. You see why Dayana’s beauty was such a thorn in her side.
Nuff Said.

Finally what kind of CEO is Donald Trump? Does he allow such blatant racism by his real employees? I think that he does. 

Do you remember his allegations about the President of the United States: Barack Obama? The irony is that blow-hard Trump never intended to run for president. So of course he would sit idly by as he watched members of his ethnicity eviscerate Mendoza.

Through it all Dayana Mendoza remained cool, never lost her temper, was truthful and respectful to unimaginable white trash. A CLASS Act which makes Dayana Mendoza a WINNER!

I am glad that for me it’s OVER.


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