My Latest Celebrity Apprentice TRASH: I DON’T Care……

Got It? I don’t care what you say or think about the fact that I’m only watching The Celebrity Apprentice to see Dayana Mendoza..Okay, at first it was to see Dayana Mendoza and Patricia DayanaMedoza01 Velasquez, but now it’s only for Dayana Mendoza and why shouldn’t I? I’ve dated Venezuelan women and there’s no argument that they are beautiful [Although the women were not as beautiful as Dayana Mendoza, or else they would have been crowned Miss Universe and how arrogant is it for Earthlings to make up such a category and not allow the inhabitants of other planets to compete]. Hey, get this: It’s all about the pretty and since beauty lay in the eyes of the beholder, well this is what my eyes like to behold…What self respecting lesbian eyes wouldn’t?

See I am at an age where if I were to meet someone who looked like Mendoza and she spent time with me, well I’d have no qualms about admitting my attraction to her. 

When I was younger, I didn’t do such things and I paid the price. Often the woman may have been experiencing a mutual attraction but interpreted my aloofness as disinterest, or more importantly i wasted time with women I had no chance with.

Basically it’s like this: When 12 year old boys like girls, they don’t know how to show interest except to torment the object of their desire.
image It’s kinds like how Lisa Lampanelli is obsessing over Dayana Mendoza, constantly insulting her and denigrating the woman’s intellect. I mean that skank Lampanelli, that utter piece of trash goes as far as to insult Mendoza’s ethnicity. Why? Mendoza is intelligent, she is educated, she is articulate if you take the time to listen to what she has to say and why wouldn’t anyone want to listen to what Dayana has to say? I mean look at what your eyes will feast on as you listen to the words float gently away from her sensuous mouth.

image Here we have the woman who is simultaneously lusting after Dayana while working in collaboration with the other “She-Devils” of the dominant culture to oust Mendoza. She defines herself as a comic, only if you regard picking on another ethnicity by invoking invidious comparison comedy.

No Lampanelli is a Bigot who isn’t even intelligent enough to infuse a little self reflective humor into her act.

Folks this doesn’t make for good television, in fact either let Mendoza win it, or maybe she should voluntarily leave because I am tired of watching Lampanelli’s weekly meltdowns over Mendoza [Just ask her out for coffee already].  In Fact Lampanelli’s weekly “Mendoza-

Meltdowns” are not even good corporate politics and I know because this is a part of the graduate program I was in. If you are in a boardroom, you are more likely to be fired for consistently losing your mind over the pretty opponent than cause her to be fired.
If The Celebrity Apprentice were judged solely on demeanor and beauty: Mendoza would definitely win. She is quiet [Almost too quiet and observant]. Woefully though it is judged on the predictability of back stabbing.

In conclusion Opposing contestant Arsenio Hall who was teamed with o’Day for Sunday’s challenge told über skank Aubrey o’Day that he was hip to her image selfish self promoting ways and I am glad he did, resulting in o’Day heading to the elevators, normally reserved for contestants given the boot by Donald Trump--leading media dullards to believe she was throwing in the Celeb Apprentice towel. 

Most likely a publicity stunt that I wish were true.


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