My Latest Trash About The Celebrity Apprentice: FIRE ALL OF THEM NOW!

I mean COME On! I know that television is scripted, heck it’s even difficult to imagebelieve what I see on the news. But this show is sickening me with the nonsense it spews. 

Some claim that Lisa Lampanelli makes a living off of talking trash about others. But she also clearly enjoys it. How else to explain the vicious roaster going off on not one (Arsenio Hall), not two (Dayana Mendoza) but three (Lou Ferrigno) fellow contestants on tonight’s edition of The Celebrity Apprentice? I’ll tell you: Lisa Lampanelli is a Bigot [she doesn’t like brown people and an “Ableist” [She doesn’t like disabled people]. Lampanelli must be a TeaPubliKKKan!

After hearing Arsenio talk ill of her buddy Aubrey O’Day [The junior racist of the  two] and learning Dee Snider had been fired, Lampanelli unloaded on Hall, Lou and Dayana. And after her team lost the project of putting together a 60 second Entertainment.com ad, she really unloaded on Lou in the Boardroom — and this was before he had even uttered the words “110 percent.” 

Unfortunately for Lou, his fuzzy math could not save him this time, and he was finally fired by Donald Trump, who refused The Hulk’s awkward demand to “Take it back!”

Remember that I am only watching The Celebrity Apprentice to see Dayana Mendoza, that’s it. I’ve tolerated weeks of watching Lisa Lampanelli insult Mendoza, denigrate Mendoza’s intellect, lust after Mendoza, offer Mendoza as a candidate for being fired more times than I can mention.

But this week after Lou was fired and Mendoza and Lampanelli left the boardroom, they did so while hugging one another. WHAT?! I don’t care it the show is fake. 

Lampanelli’s racism is all too REAL. Her behavior is predictable as she cozied up to Mendoza when she was at risk of being fired, yet the previews for next week is right back to insulting Ms. Mendoze's intelligence and ethnicity, to crying to save her own arse.

It’s insanity I tell you, MADNESS. Lisa Lampanelli needs a good Urban b*_ch slap and Mendoza needs to be shaken to clear her head of the fog that is engulfing her.

I’ve watched Dayana Mendoza sit quietly not defending herself, but somehow escape being fired. What is her game plan? Is it to look "Alluring"? So far it's working!

Hmm maybe The Donald is as enamored with Mendoza’s beauty as I am.

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