My Latest TRASH about The Celebrity Apprentice: Everybody LIES

I'd love to fire Dayana. You know why?" Trump says to Clay. "She's been here six times. But I'm not so sure she should be here.”

Now “The Donald” says that he’s so tired of seeing Dayana Mendoza in the “Bored-room” that he also wants to fire her.
Still Dayana’s seemingly never ending plight of being setup for elimination is not the focus of this week’s rant.

Despite using a picture of Dayana in the display, project manager Clay Aiken's team loses the task thanks to what the executives deemed a pompous slogan, which Penn came up with and which landed him a spot next to Clay and Dayana in the boardroom. Clay gives Lisa Lampanelli a pass because he thinks she will be a strong team member moving forward, but Trump later reminds Clay that choosing someone to fire isn't about moving forward -- it's about the performance on this task. And why is everyone so concerned with who would be best moving forward, since the end result is one winning Celebrity Apprentice? Because it’ about having the whites progress and believe me, Arsenio is in the cross hairs.

Moving on: I want to diverge to the machine that generates the crap that we view weekly. I am not an adversary of scripted television (like most viewers I enjoy good drama. 

Hell I even enjoy mediocre drama when it’s partnered with amazing talent like on the NBC series SMASH). What I don’t like is how the business generates [For lack of a better word] “LIES.”

 I really don’t need Aubrey o’Day to LIE by claiming to have worked on all these philanthropic endeavors and to have spent time in the Amazon and have worked with Nelson Mandela…Blah Blah Blah, particularly when Lily Collins [Daughter of Phil Collins leads singer of 80’s and 90’s rock band Genesis } said virtually same thing a few weeks earlier [Amazon etc] and Emma Stone a few weeks before that. 

Seriously can’t these celebs get their pathetic publicity agents to at least individualize their pitiful lies?

You would think that if you were to travel to the Amazon on any given day you would see ugly teenage white girls who are soon to be Hollywood celebrities.

Yeah, that’s as believable as Kim Kardashian marrying for love…But at least Kardashian doesn’t conspicuously target African American and Hispanic men for ridicule like Lisa Lampanelli does. You know that Lampanelli’s racist attitude towards African Americans and Hispanic males is BAD, if a lesbian  is defending them.

Anywho, back to the LIES [?] In the Last episode Lisa “Latent Lesbian and image Conspicuous Bigot” Lampanelli continued her effort for redemption in the court of public opinion. She actually said that Dayana Mendoza did her part of the challenge well. Lampanelli also said that Dayana’s picture [which was used for this week's challenge] was so beautiful that for that episode [only?] even she [Lampanelli] is a lesbian. 

So I guess in all the previous episodes Lamapanelli wasn’t a lesbian because she was channeling a 12 year old boy who was lusting after the former Miss Universe, but being unable to express appropriate desires chose instead to insult, ridicule and demean the object of affection. Right and Kim Kardashian marries for love.

Look, I am not married to some [white] guy so I don’t have to justify wanting to bed beautiful Latina Ms. Universe [at least in my dreams] and since I don’t earn a living from pandering to inbred and illiterate TeaPubliKKKans, I don’t have to buy off members of the gay community [some of who are also TeaPubliKKKans] with donations. 

Lisa are you aware that there are black and Hispanic gay men?  How about some jokesnd insults about them too?

Eventually Aubrey “O’Fey” [Look it up] decided to go after Arsenio Hall (again) and as usual Arsenio just lets her [I think Arsenio is channeling Scatman Crothers from The Shining]. 

I am NOT even going to go into what she did because you should know by now and besides it’s an alliance of whites against anyone who isn’t.

Theresa remains a non sequitur More importantly though, not all viewers of The Celebrity Apprentice are the mindless bots we are made out to be.

We see o’Day going on and on about how she is “All About” Business, but having spending over 20 years in corporate America it’s clear that she knows nothing about the organizational politics or how to cunningly climb the corporate ladder without the help of KKK Grand Wizard and “Latent Lesbian Supreme” Lisa Lampanelli’s invidious antics. 

Despite the profundity of o'Day's alleged experiences, which are belied by her behavior. We are left with nothing new'

All this nonsense is accomplished with the tacit approval of Donald Trump who still hasn’t produced his academic transcripts.

Wouldn’t it be something if Mendoza and Hall were the final two contestants left vying to be The Celebrity Apprentice? I don’t know if that’s going to happen, although I doubt it, besides I don’t care. 

By now you know that for me it’s: All About Th Pretty. So as long as Dayana Mendoza remains in the game I’ll watch. The moment Mendoza is fired: I’m outty.

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