Necessary Evil


I was resigned to being “Chaikenized” for Lip Service Series 2. We are all too familiar with the Chaikenization process: Being fed crappy crappy drama with minimal to non existent character development that wasn’t already in existence from derivative works that were already in existence.

So yes, I was resigned to what I thought was going to be predictable dyke vlcsnap-00006 melodrama, with Frankie “Cattin’ “ around [pun intended].

Granted I thought that it was rather weak to have Cat be so wishy washy in series one. As a matter of fact, like most viewers I became annoyed that she was cheating on her girlfriend: “HOT Cop” Sam and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the intensity of Frankie’s sexual prowess, that would make Cat throw such caution to the wind": “F--- the necklace” just “F---“ me.”

I thought: "Oh Well" such is lesbian television, then this:

I did NOT expect this. I pride myself of my ability to figure out the progression of a teleplay. After all, drama consists of certain parts that follow in chronological progression. However Cat’s death has caused me to reassess the characters.

For starters I hope that Frankie continues her emotional growth as she is going to need it now that Sam discovered the note Frankie gave to Cat before Cat’s death.

Truthfully I see no need to have character’s die. As with Maya St. Germaine on Pretty Little Liars, Cat had her fans so she could have been written off while still alive. This is so permanent but was it a “Necessary Evil” needed to progress the narrative? Maybe. After all, who really wants to see Cat when Sam kicks Frankie’s arse? Maybe Cat’s death was necessary so that Frankie could spin out of control and return to her old ways?

Either way, it paves the road for “Hot Cop” Sam to meet someone who will love her and I am not sure that it will be Lexy. Why? Because I get the vibe that Sam's not up for dyke drama and if Tess makes it known that she likes Lexy, I think Sam will back away. I could be wrong.

You really don’t need me to “Re-Cap” this episode for a third or fourth time, there are Lesbian sites that are dedicated to providing “Recaps."

Instead I want to explore the human dimensions of Frankie and Sam’s “feelings.” Again Frankie is abandoned, not only by the untimely death of the love of her life but by the mother who gave her up for adoption. It’s no wonder that she acts out sexually.

Sam on the other hand has had this intense and powerful betrayal by the untimely death of the woman she loved. Sam’s detective instincts betrayed her as well since she was oblivious to Frankie and Cat.

vlcsnap-00008 The Necessary Evil brings nothing but heartache.


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