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"Now I can feel my body, I can feel my head. Before, I was like numb. It's [Drug Addiction] really just selfish .... a selfish way to live." Gia Carangi

Remember that in the end Gia Carangi beat her addiction to Heroin---The only thing she could not beat was HIV.

Initially when I tried to give resources for individuals experiencing substance abuse challenges, I had found the Gia Carangi Foundation, but that organization no longer seems to be operating. However Eagleville Hospital [Where Gia received treatment to beat her Heroin addiction] is still operating.

Help for Substance Use Disorders, Co-Occurring Disorders GET HELP NOW - In the United States CALL 1-800-255-2019


Gia Carangi on Fire Island


In the United States, every two minutes the life of someone's mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter is destroyed by addiction to drugs or alcohol. Substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders are chronic disorders that do not discriminate due to income, educational level, geographic locale, nationality, race or religion. Also, unlike those afflicted with other chronic disorders, individuals with substance use disorders frequently become alienated from their friends, families and communities.

As the only hospital in Pennsylvania specifically and solely licensed for the treatment of substance use disorders, Eagleville Hospital is a 308-bed non-profit service, prevention, research, education and training organization. As a pioneer in the treatment of substance use disorders, Eagleville offers a variety of hospital and non-hospital programs for men and women in need of treatment for substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, and other behavioral health problems. Eagleville's programs incorporate the expertise of physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, addiction counselors and therapists.  
These specialists work together to design and monitor a treatment plan to meet the individual patient need.

At its headquarters, nestled in a wooded suburban setting on 70 acres in western Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Eagleville provides a serene and therapeutic atmosphere that encourages rehabilitation.  The residential environment provides professional support for individuals to achieve and maintain sobriety, return sober to their family and friends, and most importantly, lead productive lives.


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