And The Winner Is…..Arsenio Hall

Forgive me, I had a busy week and took most of the weekend off to reinvigorate myself and tweak my blog’s interface.

Beautiful Dayana Mendoza keeps it real and says that given the way she was treated on The Celebrity Apprentice, she wants Arsenio Hall to win. 

“Ultimately, it wasn't just about who raised the most money. Arsenio was http://media.onsugar.com/files/2011/04/14/2/1546/15462711/e1/dayana-mendoza-feet-4.jpgundefeated throughout the season as a project manager, while Clay wasn't. And (not that Trump is taking this into account, but ...) one could argue that Arsenio has more to gain from winning "The Celebrity Apprentice" -- potentially restarting his late-night career, for one.”

I predicted that Arsenio was going to win The Celebrity Apprentice weeks ago [ Click HERE Prediction at bottom of post], but not for the reason of jumpstarting his late night career. 

Hall had to win: My perspective is that Donald Trump was forced to play the “Race Card,” if he wanted to undo all of the damage that Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey ODay did with their racist nonsense. 

One of O’Day’s clueless supporters got into a Tweet Fight with me, no seriously.   So I inquired how could he not see the racial bias on the show [Hell I had been writing and Tweeting about that for weeks, well that and Lisa Lampanelli’s latent [alleged?] homosexual desire for Dayana Mendoza/residual ACOA issues.

 I’ve worked in corporate America and yes organizational politics exist, yes there is backstabbing, yes there is racism. However what I watched this season of The Celebrity Apprentice it was astonishing that this season was more about self promotion an d less about raising money for charity. If I am correct this was the lowest amount ever raised for charity on The Celebrity Apprentice. That is shameful.

Here’s the thing: The show was LOOOONG and BORING. I didn’t need to see Clay and Arsenio sing a duet. I would have liked to have seen more o0f Dayana Mendoza. I missed seeing Patricia Velasquez altogether.

There was the obligatory apology from Aubrey O’Day, citing that it wasn’t her intention to “hurt” anyone.  Maybe one day she’ll understand that the feelings of other people are not contingent on what she intended. Besides it took a matter of seconds for her to show her true self and yes Ms. O’Day we already knew that you wanted Clay to win, so once again you find yourself on the losing team.

Maybe if O’Day and Lampanelli had read my blog you could have figured out that your domineering, invidious tactics were going to bite you in your arses and just as I had predicted Arsenio would win.

See this is why racism serves no one. O’Day and Lampanelli and Theresa G [who was just a pawn] did their darnedest to oust the women of color and a couple of white women as well, but the main targets were the women of color. Ironically what they accomplished had the exact opposite effect.http://community.cbs47.tv/blogs/files/5005/4464606/Arsenio.jpg
Donald Trump’s hand was forced so  he had to [for lack of a better word] “Change” the rules. In all of the previous seasons, who raised the most money won.  Not this season.

So congratulations Arsenio, because thanks top Lisa “Loud Mouth and latent Lesbian ACOA” Lampanelli and Aubrey “KKK” O’Day, you were a shoo-in.
What a season.

Finally:  Lisa sweetie, mental illness is not a laughing matter. If one doesn't have their act together in terms of career, then they should at least know when they need psychiatric help. Darlin' you went way over the top with your antics concerning Dayana Mendoza, WAAAY Over The Top. The viewers didn't need to see your personal issues and age has nothing to do with your decision to "Act Out" [I could be older than you]. Try Zoloft it helps, ask  your doctor. You'll still be "funny" (if that's what  you think you are being).


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