Colin Powell Has No Problem With Gay Marriage

I guess that he only had a problem with Gays and Lesbians serving in the military. images Remember when Powell served from 2001 to 2005 as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under both H.W. Bush and Clinton? He wasn’t for anything relating to Human Rights in the context of “serving in the military.” For years I found his position troubling. Yes I am aware that Colin Powell had to adhere to what his superior dictated ion order to keep his job.   I do not take his change  in position as anything more than supporting the president and that’s just fine, it’s just not special, because Powell was a key player in Don't Ask Don't Tell, it was his recommendation.

Powell revised his opinions in early 2010 and favored a repeal of the legislation. As a moderate he is gravitating towards what is becoming a moderate opinion. "I think most Americans increasingly understand that times have changed," Powell said. No they really haven’t change, maybe because people are starting to listen to most Americans since the  conservatives have gone so far off of the deep end that they are alienating.

Powell has a long standing history as a moderate Republican; he supports a woman's right to choose.



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