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http://s3.amazonaws.com/auteurs_production/images/cast_member/21002/original.jpgJennifer Chambers Lynch is the daughter of award winning director David Lynch [Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks]. When your father is a famous movie director, it is expected that his children will enter the business.  It is also expected that they will display the same legendary directorial talents that brought the father acclaim.
So what caused Jennifer Chambers Lynch to disappear from the public eye for nearly 18 years? She made the movie: Boxing Helena.

If you steal, steal from the bestJennifer C. Lynch has only directed three films in her entire career, but her debut feature: Boxing Helena was mired in such controversy and legalities including Madonna backing out of the lead role and then Kim Basinger  who agreed to starring backing out of the title role—eventually leading to Basinger being the subject of an adverse jury verdict for over $8.1 million dollars against her, causing Basinger to enter bankruptcy that it virtually forced her into self imposed exile.

This was in addition to feminist outcry over Helena's sadistic subject matter in which a girl named Helena (Sherilyn Fenn) is injured in a grievous hit-and-run motor vehicle accident in front of a Doctor’s home. The Doctor kidnaps and treats Helena in his house surreptitiously, amputating both of her legs and ultimately, her healthy arms as well, after she slaps him.
Despite Helena being the victim of Nick's kidnapping and mutilation, she dominates the dialogue with her constant emasculating ridicule of him for all of his shortcomings, yet culminating into her returning the Doctor’s affections because she feels alone.
There  were also accusations of nepotism, that accompanied the movie's critical drubbing upon its release in 1993.
In an interview with The Hollywood Interview, Lynch mentions her reactions to the critical reception of Boxing Helena

"I would love to know why people were so mad at me for telling a crazy fairy tale. I’m the first to say I didn’t know what I was doing. I did the best I could at 19, and all these crazy things happened. The idea that the film was faulted when everyone involved worked so f----ing hard and believed in me, and there were these adults believing in me, who was essentially a child…when the National Organization of Women slammed me, that was sort of the final straw. It was no wonder I put my legs behind my ears and got pregnant. (laughs) Not that I didn’t love sex before then, but seriously. It was my child, essentially, who saved my life."
Here’s the thing: Jennifer made a statement and it’s unfathomable that after all of these years she was unaware as to why the public was angry with her?! She must be a conservative, they also seem rather clueless. For goodness sake she wrote and directed a movie where in the main character was maimed because the man who was obsessed with her wanted to possess her. The message was clear that women need to be controlled.

Though Jennifer Lynche's 1993 film Boxing Helena was not that good, and surrounded in controversy the film did manage to have a striking movie poster that echoed from some deep subconscious place.
I won’t go into how movie industry promotes its own, gives awards and allocates to it’s own and destroys its own. It’s an Autopoetic phenomena.
In the context of mainstream media, in 1993 Boxing Helena went far beyond what anyone would have been comfortable with: Today movies depict gore, obsession, sexuality seemingly without limits, less then. At l;east nt without controversy.

After 15 years Jennifer directed her 2nd feature called "Surveillance" and the characters in this movie and critics said that it showed great directing ability.  

Living in the shadow of a master like David Lynch has got to be hard, as Jennifer may be her way to re-creating her presence as a controversial director, as we see in he 3rd film "Hisss" which is now available and is quite bizarre.

I watched Hissss and the special effects are decent enough, although:
I can quibble that the egg eating scene need tweaking.
The controversy lay in the fact that choosing a story arc entrenched in south Asian mythology leaves the director open to criticisms from the subjected group, particularly when it is released in India! and stars well known Bollyood actors: Mallika Sherawat and Irr Khan.

In America, some audiences are used to Shlocky and Tacky  films.  Hell we even have award ceremonies for the “Worst” in any given category. However if one is going to take on the subject matter of another culture it is important to make every effort to ensure credibility concerning the mythology of that culture.
An anachronism occurs when something in a film is out of context.
For example: In the movie Hissss, Mallika Sherawat is the Nagin [A mythical creature that transforms from snake to human]. 

The Nagin is depicted as a cobra that swallows people whole like a python [?]and clearly has style sense, managing perfect make up and hair each time she becomes a woman. Hisss is oddly disjointed. It feels like an unfinished film [That is if you don’t lose interest after 15 minutes]. Did Lynch do any cultural research?

The film was written and directed by Jennifer Lynch and it’s ONLY her 3rd film so allowances can be made. The true mystery for many fans of Bollywood  is what compelled actor Irrfan Khan to sign on? Answer: Actor’s take roles to ensure that they will not forgotten, and for money. If an actor is “A” list they can pick and choose roles.
Maybe Irrfan Kahn thought that this role would help him “cross over” into American cinema.
If you are determined to watch Hisss, ask yourself, are you ready to see Mallika Sherawat make love to a snake while in human form. At minimum it is a completely gratuitous scene which confused me for a second.  Why wouldn't she make love to a snake as a snake herself? Believe me it was not sexy.
If the movie had debuted in the United States, surely allowances would have been made for Lynch’s Sophomore directorial endeavor. Americans will seemingly accept anything, no matter how crappy.

However the film debuted at Canne and was released in India leaving it vulnerable to criticisms by the Southeast Aswian community and there were many.
In conclusion aren’t the charges of “Nepotism” well deserved in this case? I am, not opposed to famous parents making way for their offspring in the business, After all that is what occurs and it’s been like that since the beginning. To some Jennifer Lynch comes off as a poser, who makes movies simply because she has resources. Not because she has skill or training.

The Hollywood Movie industry is a closed industry where they steal from outsiders and give to each other. So if that is the reality then it is at least important to attend film school first, 3specially if your daddy is an Academy Award Winning director.


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