Everything’s Dirty

Okay, so I am really not into writing recaps. Everyone else is doing it so…well do you really want to read yet another regurgitation of the same episode? I didn’t think so.
Naah I’d rather just jump to the good stuff.
I didn’t see Mad Men April 29th.  I watched it Monday evening, I had almost forgotten to watch it and I must say: Great Goddess it’s just getting better and better.
So what was so good about this week’s episode?
There was the usual Peggy, Rita stuff. Roger being the perennial jerk but wait! Who’s this? Megan;s mother.

So who’s  Megan’s mom?

JuliaOrmand_Jessica Pare
(Megan’s mother adeptly and sexily played by Julia Ormond)

 Yep Megan’s mother is sexpot Marie Calvet and is just what I needed to see, they couldn't have picked a better candidate to play the mother of Megan Draper and gosh just speak French to me and I am “Virtually” yours. Je dis la vérité, ai-je raison Helen?

At an event honoring Don, sparks fly between Megan’s mother  and Roger. 


 So much so, in fact, that the series’ first – and probably only – scene of fellatio occurs when Sally walks in on Roger and Megan’s mother. Poor kid.

“How was it? Dirty.”


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