Has Lip Service “Chaikened” itself out of a THIRD Season?

We ALL remember those days of inconsistent story-arcs on the L Word, come on http://www.afterellen.com/sites/www.afterellen.com/files/images/12709blog_TLW.jpgadmit it. I bet that you probably said on several occasions: "Maybe next season will be better," but it never got better did it?   In fact it got so bad that the series resorted to cruising the web looking for derivative works to take.

Viewers were left at the end of each season wondering if The L Word would be renewed.  In the beginning the renewals came before the season finale, but as the show declined the renewals came later and later.  Until Ilene Chaiken had to figuratively beg for a final season.

Didn’t quite work out that well. However the one saving grace of the L Word was that despite being a mediocre lesbian soap opera, we got 12 to 13 episodes each season.

New Girls In Town


Last week was the season 2 finale of Lip Service after only 6 episodes.  Characters just begin to settle to the roles by episode 5. Storylines are beginning to gel by episode 5, so we NEED an additional 6 or 7 episodes for the season to play out properly.

What’s with the rapid fire episodes on BBC3? Sheesh I feel like I’m on speed each time I watched an episode my heart began to beat rapidly because I knew the countdown had begun.
This didn’t happen with Bad Girls did it? There were many episodes as I remember.


Inarguably Lip Service has the best Lesbian love scenes on television, the show vlcsnap-00009 leaves the L Word at the starting line with the exception of the scene where Sam has a one night stand, that scene was excruciatingly "NORING" [Nauseating+BORING].

With the exception of Shane and Cherie poolside and Helena and Dylan at the beach house,  or Marina and Jenny’s scene in the pilot, love scenes on The L Word bored me to tears. I was not a fan of TiBette, Lip Service beats the L Word in the context of Lady Lovin’.

So will there be a 3rd season of Lip Service? I am NOT up for waiting another 17 months that's for sure. Especially if it means I have to watch Sam have another panic attack. It can cost you your life if she’s your crime fighting partner.

I would have liked to see more episodes because it was starting to get good now that Sadie's”Partner-in-Crime” made her appearance in the season 2 finale. We needed more episodes because Lexie has already started out dishonestly with Tess and even though Tess can be annoying as hell, she is such a sweetheart, she really is.

Well Ladies, we are left in the lurch once again. Let’s hope that next season isn’t 17 months away.


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