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My fascination with Gia Carangi started over 28 years ago, so it should be expected that whenever there is a lull in what the next topic will be, I will always return to my favorite subject: Models [More specifically my all time favorite model]. Some people write about GLEE, some write about Tina Fey, I write about a LEGEND.

When you don't have one of the requirements in modeling [Like height: Gia was 5'7"], then you must be the best of the best in all the other departments- measurements, how you walk, how you pose, your energy and intensity and Gia had ALL of that. In addition Gia didn't need a lot of makeup.

I've previously written that Gia Carangi influenced me in many ways. So what was it about this 5'7" woman that was so memorable to me?

I felt a connection with Gia the moment I first saw her photographs. At the time I didn't realize that Gia was "Family" [Gay} but in retrospect that's exactly what the connection was, it was so strong it called me to New York. 
I remember telling a photographer that I wanted to meet Gia and he responded: “Not gonna' happen, she’s really stuck up.” [He misinterpreted Gia's drug induced behavior as vanity], but the reality was that Gia wasn’t even in  New York when I got there. Like many, I had no idea about her troubles and assumed she was still modeling somewhere and she was in Europe.

Seems like when you are granted such iconic qualities, you are destined to live a short life. It’s not that Gia died at an early age that made her memorable, it was her beauty, a beauty that cannot be shown in aged uploaded photos. 

Below is a photo of Gia on one of those rare (and all too brief) fashion shoots when her James Dean quality was tangible. 

Gia Carangi http://swotti.starmedia.com/tmp/swotti/cacheAMFTZXMGZGVHBG==UGVVCGXLLVBLB3BSZQ==/imgJames%20Dean4.jpg

Bracelets by Robert Lee Morris. 
Gia was all nuance and suggestion, like a series of images by Bertolucci ... Gia didn't behave like a model; she didn't give you the "Hot Look", the "Cool Look", the "Cute Look"; she struck sparks, not poses. Outdoors, Gia was excitingly free and spontaneous, constantly changing, moving – It's been said that photographing Gia was like photographing a stream of consciousness.
Necklace by Cara Croninger.

Possibly one of the last Dior ads shot by Chris von Wangenheim.
The pirate look of 1981.
March Issue 1980 American style 
Gia and Eva Voorhis frolicking in the knits of the spring 1980 collections.

In Gia’s case her beauty was the ruling factor in whether or not she could still continue to model while abusing drugs and showing up late to castings...many other models would've been dropped in a second by an agency if she behaved like Gia, but not Gia, they couldn't lose their investment in her. Even when using Heroin: “The thing about Gia was that, if she showed up and she was in one piece, the pictures still came out incredible.”  Gia received an Italian Vogue cover, and many of her shots were being used in French and German Vogue, too.

Besides the original supermodels couldn't be beat. They had spunk and personality. Today, it seems as if any emaciated girl who looks like a little boy can be a model.

Most of the models on the runway today just don't seem to have the same personality and charisma as the models had from the late 70's to mid 1990's.
Between 1995 and 2002 there was an abundance of models who completely lacked glamorous appeal - I must say I'm very happy those days are over. To me the most disturbing modeling trend was Heroin Chic, the waifish, emaciated, and drug-addicted look was the basis of the 1993 advertising campaign of Calvin Klein featuring Kate Moss. I didn't appreciate the industry capitalizing off of Gia's tragedy, but such is the cannibalistic nature of not only the fashion industry but entertainment industry [Hollywood] as well. Both are monsters that devour their young.

I miss Gia and I doubt we will ever see a model like her in the near future.

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