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Lisa Lampanelli once said that Dayana Mendoza was: “Dead From The Neck Up” because Dayana criticized her to her face. But the person who was really dead from the neck up  was Lisa for thinking that she could behave like a racist crazy woman and not get fired! 

Trump didn’t need Marlee Matlin or John Rich to recommend who should be fired because all he hade to o was watch the previous week’s episode, which I am sure he did.

It’s funny how some women (i use this term loosely in regards to Lisa) will hate on other prettier women for no good reason. 

Seriously Lisa you have SO Many issues that I strongly feel hat Dayana’s beauty was the least of your problems.

Good to see Lisa fired. Even if Dayana didn't come up with the bulk of the ideas at least she did not act like an unstable raving lunatic.

My reality is that if I'm engaged in competition with someone as hot as Dayana Mendoza, the last thing on my mind would be getting her off of the show. Ever hear of the saying: “Keep You Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer.”?

it was extremely obvious that Lisa was jealous... Deny it all you want Lisa but you know its true. I know it’s true, oh hell Dayana and the entire viewing audience knows it’s true.

I particularly enjoyed when Lisa said "I can feel it in my heart that I'm the new celebrity apprentice" ..and 5 seconds later Donald Trump says "Lisa, your fired." What she should have felt in her heart was impending doom.

Lisa maybe you should get some counseling it may make you feel better about yourself.. just a thought. You formed a Devil’s Alliance with bigoted narcissist Aubrey O’Day. Yes bigoted because they expended so much energy in getting the two Latina’s eliminated first, when that dimwit Theresa [who is Italian] wasn’t contributing and hiding in the background.

I always knew hat Teresa was a Non Sequitur, she seriously was pathetic thinking that possessing the ability to just look at photos meant that she made a significant contribution. She couldn’t even read off of an index card.

But let’s get back to Lisa Lampanelli.  There was something that she said when Donald Trump criticized her for her temper and tears. Lisa said it was something that she was in control of, something that she could turn on and off at will.

Um yeah. Lisa that’s called: Manipulation,  and Social Engineering.

You know who also uses such tactics? Alcoholics, Drug Addicts, Adult Children of those individuals  and the Emotionally Unstable.

Lisa Lampanelli’s arch nemesis Dayana Mendoza was asked:  

"Why do you think she [Lampanelli] acted that way towards you?"
Mendoza: "You know, I think it’s going to remain a mystery. I would like her to answer that question. I treated her with as much respect as other people and probably with the respect that she never gave me as well."

It’s NO Mystery:

As I have already written, the issues Lampanelli harbors are multifold: She was attracted to Dayana Mendoza [Hell, who wouldn’t be?] while simultaneously being threatened by the woman's  beauty and intellect and being forced to question her own sexual identity.

Contrary to what the Caucasians said, it wasn’t that Mendoza didn’t have anything to offer, the fact was that the other competitors refused to work through existing cultural barriers and using "coded words" like when Clay Aiken compared working with Dayana Mendoza to working with disabled  children.

It was deep watching the whites attack the women of color [Who weren't African American] week after week after week.
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