In Case You Wondered Why I Watched The Celebrity Apprentice…….

Dayana was marginalized right from the start, but it got worse after they got rid of Patricia Velasquez.

Everybody Lies. Dayana Mendoza may have wanted to go to college IF she didn't win Miss Universe 2008, but she WENT to the Pageant, the Pageant Did NOT come to her. She knows that she is beautiful and at least sh doesn't lie by saying that she lived in the Amazon like Aubrey o'Day did.
I watched until Dayana Mendoza was fired and I am still pissed at Lisa Lampanelli.  I want you to see how Dayana was treated. The first clip is relatively mild but you can clearly see that Lampanelli [Who was the project manager for this task] didn’t want to give Dayana anything to do [In the end the execs LOVED Dayana’s design but she was still brought to the “bored-room” [pun intended] for elimination.

So what if Dayana wanted to be onstage! I’d rather look at Mendoza than Lampanelli.

Check Out How Lisa turns on the tears the moment someone says something about her. Isn’t it ironic that she has NO problem calling Dayana a B, but when Dayana says that Lisa is LOUD Lampanelli has a g*ddamn nervous breakdown.

Lisa Lampanelli displays the classic characteristics of an individual who has been affected by substance abuse. Chances are that she is either an alcoholic or is the adult child of an alcoholic. In fact the former would be preferable because if she isn’t then she is one racist, pathological b*tch, which is worse because there are support groups for people who are affected by alcoholism. Not so much for the other type.

I mean really, all Dayana said was that Lampanelli was LOUD and for 7 weeks she was LOUD. In fact Lampanelli tweeted that I was a "Stupid C*nt," I didn't cry and tweet back that she was a b*tch.  

Still Lampanelli cherry picks and says for that particular day she’s been quiet.  Does that skank have amnesia? Ooooh I am still mad and Lisa Lampanelli should count her blessings that her arse wasn’t kicked all over Manhattan by some angry viewer.

Even Clay Aiken got in on the: “Let’s BASH Dayana” act. Seems like these white folk can’t take a person of color telling them what to do. Yes Dayana stepped in and wanted to tell Clay what to do because she was the PROJECT MANAGER! OMG, seriously WTF?! Clay you weren't voted Best In The UNIVERSE, Dayana Mendoza was!  LOL

I tolerated 7 weeks of this crap and don’t let me start on Aubrey o’Day’s inarticulate: “I lived in the Amazon and worked with Nelson Mandela,” lying arse.

Still Dayana “Sho Is Fine.” Okay this is the REAL Final Trash about The Celebrity Apprentice.




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