LIFE On The Cheap

If you are familiar with my TechGyrl Blog, then you know that I always gripe that I’m not wealthy. I live Life: “On The Cheap” and in case you don’t know what I am referring to well it includes: Shopping at COSTCO, not using a landline for telephone service [Instead I use a “Not-So” Smartphone, instead] not having cable and you can be assured that I still watch everything that needs viewing.

That way any monies left-over can be spent at my discretion that may include splurging on something of high monetary value (relatively speaking of course) or saving.

I don’t spend a lot on technology, in fact my version of Dreamweaver states that it is the property of Macromedia [Adobe now owns Dreamweaver). My reasoning as to why I don’t purchase every bell and whistle is:

1. Much of the new software can be prohibitively expensive.
2. Technology changes too frequently.
3. I am doing fine with what I have now.
My most recent re-Discovery is Paint.net:

Here are some of the things I’ve done after only two days of learning the program:
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I first used Paint.net years ago when it was a simple alternative to Microsoft’s Paint and granted while the current version isn’t as fast as PhotoShop, Paint.NET is a great raster image program. If you've ever struggled to find Photoshop's hidden gems or can't get familiar with GIMP's unusual UI, spend a little time researching and downloading Plugins, and you'll become a Paint.NET convert.

Paint.NET is simply the best image manipulating, painting and drawing program you can get for the price. It is extremely intuitive also. Snap it up before Microsoft realizes what they're missing out on, buys it back, and starts charging the big bucks for it.

Plugins are not limited to adding new effects, but also cover lots of functionality areas, like loading and saving Photoshop files, RAW camera images, DDS files or filters. Some of the plugins are adapted from different other image editing softwares like Photoshop or
, but they add a big plus of functionality to the software.

Paint.Net Features:
Simple, intuitive user interface
Unlimited History
Support for many popular file formats (PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TGA, and TIFF)
Effects and Adjustments
Full Support for Dual- and Quad-Core CPU's, and 64-bit
Tablet PC Support
Plug-ins support

For those of us seeking great results at minimum costs there are plenty of possibilities on the market and Photoshop is not one of them (it has an outrageous price for those that lack the knowledge and imagination to use it). But for home use the solutions are lighter, smaller and more accessible.

Paint Dot Net is one way to edit your pictures with a bit of professional touch. It is nothing like Photoshop but with a little effort the results can be fantastic. The application is a much more improved version of MS Paint and the most of the modern instruments are available. If you think the suite of effects is thin you have not discovered the Paint Dot Net community that provides more effects then you can handle.

MONEY On The Cheap
I have a checking account, I have free checking because I maintain a certain balance. Also I earn reward points. however many people don’t have bank accounts. http://www.suzeorman.com/suzenews/suzenews_card2.jpgI have never in all of my years seen such an abundance of people without such a mandatory staple in life but it’s true! So a good beginning to to get: The Approved Card This is financial guru Suze Orman’s answer for people with without bank accounts who have low to no credit to stay debt free by using a prepaid card, not a credit card. You can only spend what you load on the card.

You can use FREE text or online tools to help keep track of your spending. They’ll even text your balance, deposit, and recent transactions to your mobile phone whenever you want—every day, after every transaction or once a week—for FREE. (Standard text messaging rates from your service provider may apply.) It also helps to build your FICO Score, which is what Banks assess when you apply fore a loan, credit card etc.

Getting rid of landline telephone service was also on my agenda I got rid of mine and reduced my spending by over 600 Dollars a year. NOT to mention NO More Telephone Solicitors!

When home I use Google voice plug-in available through Google WITH REQUIRED GMAIL ACCOUNT and make free calls to anywhere in the United States AND Canada. I also have a separate number from Google Voice so that callers can leave me messages and when I give out my number I can choose to either give them my direct number or my Google number [Which in many instances can be programmed to redirect to your cell phone].

I also use a free online fax service such as Got Free Fax a service that allows you to fax up to 3 pages for free, or more pages if convert to PDF and join the PDFs.



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