OR….Why I don’t the entire 2nd season of Lip Service will focus on everyone dealing with Cat’s death.

This is the powerful conclusion to last’s week’s episode of Lip Service. It was sad..It was Gloomy and there were so many dynamics as I have mentioned before. Abandonment, Rejection, Betrayal.

Those were powerful scenes because human nature dictates that we mare endowed vlcsnap-00001 with emotions (unless one allegedly exhibits sociopathic tendencies like Lisa Lampenelli] and even Frankie [looking disheveled and scraggly] evoked my empathetic nature and apparently Sadie’s also. Of course they slept together when Sadie discovered Frankie slumped in the hallway, but it wasn’t like the type of encounter that you have when you have a one nighter.  This was Sadie’s way of meeting Frankie's basic human need for closeness, compassion and in a way a validation of Frankie still being alive.

I like Sadie, I think she gets a raw deal. Sure she has issues, but who doesn’t? I don’t think that she and Frankie will be a couple though, they’ve already established the boundaries of their relationship.

I also really don’t want to believe that the series is going to focus much on Cat death outside of Sam and Frankie being at odds,  See as far as I remember from Series 1, Cat really didn’t have that much impact on the lives of the other characters.

Mostly Cat was wrapped up in her Sam and Frankie drama and considering that as far as I know there are only three or four more episodes left the show had better start picking up momentum with conflict and more importantly SEX.

Also I hope that I am not expected to wait ANOTHER 17 months for Series 3, if Series 2 ends after 6 episodes! Aww HELL NO! I will drop this show faster than I did Pretty Little Liars after they killed Maya. Life s way to show to wait another year and a half for some so-so lesbian drama to return for another season, besides another show will come along.

Yep it looks like the momentum is building.

Next Episode:
“She Chose” You {Did She?}


Now LET The Games Begin.


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