Raven Symone

The internet is A-Flitter over the Raven Symone is a Lesbian Rumor.  Raven says that her sexual orientation s her business. Translation: Yes I am a lesbian.  Oh come on you know as well as I that unless you have Tom Cruise or John Travolta money that you can’t really bring the hammer of silence down on the whistle blowers.


Move over Queen Latifah, at least Raven is kinda-sorta out of the closet.

Peeps, where’s there’s smoke………

People also need to stop raggin’ on the Enquirer for leaking the story, why are they bellyaching over the Whitney Houston open-casket photo? It’s was a member of Houston’s circle that leaked that photo. Get angry with the Houston Family or STFU.

Back to Raven, I knew that there was “Something” about her that was appealing, and it wasn’t just her cleavage:




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