I knew it the moment I saw her. Of course many years have passed and I am too old to flit off to New York or Paris or wherever she may be. Such a flight of fancy was a one time thing that was solely reserved for my youthful infatuation with Gia Carangi.  However the moment I saw Arizona Muse I could sense a vibe.  My GayDar NEVER fails me, except in real life LMAO, just joking. It NEVER fails me.
Arizona Muse
Is Dating

Freja Beha Erichson

I know everyone already knew this, but me. See I had posted a pic of Arizona Muse the other day and thought: “Hmm she’s cute she can be one of my model crushes.” In fact lately I’ve been so busy writing and working on this blog’s design they’ve probably have moved on from each other. Or, maybe they are still together?


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