Shag-A-Thon and Buying “It”

My latest reflections on Series 2 Episode 3 of Lip Service should not be construed as a Re-Cap, Snap-Cap or Hub-Cap, there are enough of those online. 

Instead Let’s Get To The GOOD-Stuff!
Thank You Lip Service for making up the lack of lady lovin’ in the first 2 episodes by giving us a Triple Play in episode 3!


Yeah I know that Sam is devastated by losing her lover, but here’s the thing: TOO much time has passed for me too be emotionally impacted by her loss. 

Virtually from the start of Sam and Cat's relationship, the latter was messing around with Frankie. So even though Cat initially wanted Sam, it didn’t take long at all for her feelings to return to Frankie. It's been 17 months since Series One ended. That's too much time. The producers messed up if they thought that viewers would hold on to their sympathy for Sam.

vlcsnap-00020 Apparently Sam’s emotional breakdown was the result of her finally deducing the reality of Cat and Frankie. I wonder how that could’ve been a surprise.  There is a saying that in life we basically already know everything we need to know. That meam that if we we pay attention to our instincts we will never be misled. It is when we try to convince ourselves that what we know isn’t true that problems arise. Sam couldn’t have been so clue-less.  After all Sam is a detective. Her job entails finding out the facts and believe me, love isn’t that blind.

Hope on the Horizon:

I really want to see Lexie and Sam together, I do. 

Granted Sam does seem to be moving at: “All Deliberate Speed,” which contrary to most assumptions does not mean moving fast, but a s slow as possible. They look good together and have careers that go well together. They both are familiar with the tragedies that their line of work presents. Plus they have to be attuned to the “Here and Now.” There’s no room to pretend anything other than what is real.

Whether or not Frankie has actually left is unknown, but the producers are doing a good job by keeping the narrative moving forward and I am sure that Sadie has enough dysfunction to make up for Frankie’s absence.

Wow  I cannot believe that there aren’t many scenes that I can post from the Household Shagging, yes it was THAT GOOD and something that Ilene Chaiken would never have accomplished.



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