After  two years of watching mediocre teen melodrama and after two years of imagining sexual tension exists between two characters on a popular crime show when it doesn't, it's great to see something that has some “meat” to it [pun intended].

Chloë Sevigny is one of Hollywood's boldest and most gifted actors.
Hit&Miss stars Chloe Sevigny as a contract killer who also happens to be a pre-operative transsexual. Simply put: Hit&Miss is BRILLIANT and I am hooked.
Hit & Miss
Sevigny is Mia is our protagonist: A pre-op male to female transsexual.
Sevigny's character, stands naked in front of a mirror. The unusual complexity of this image is that the viewer is seeing male and female nakedness simultaneously, being shown genuine breasts and a prosthetic penis.

It might possibly be objected that this scene is prurient – offering up a transgender patient as a sort of freak-show – but Mia is explicitly a character tracking the transformations of her body and it is relevant to the narrative for the audience to know what she has under her clothes at this stage: the information pays off in later scenes when her long-lost son surprises her in the bath and a local lothario tries to grope her between the legs. 

Those are moments that make the case for a full-frontal nude scene that is dramatically crucial and completely non-gratuitous. – and Sevigny seems to have agreed – that the reveal was necessary.
What I really like about Sevigny’s acting is the diversity of the roles she chooses.  Goddess knows that she worked my last nerve when she played sexually represses, prairie skirtted Mormon “Sister-Wife polygamist on the HBO series: Big Love.
Mia is edgier, and of course Chloe is a babe so once again all is right  in the universe. 

There are so many things that are right about Hit&Miss:
1. No Need For Subtext: The viewer knows exactly what is happening when it happens and who it is happening to.
2. Ethnically diverse cast: Mia’s sudden family.
3. Nudity
4. Sex  [for better or for worse]
5. Chloe Sevigny.


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