An open letter to the people of the United Kingdom:


Most Americans wish to express our concern over Mitt Romney's recent comments, and to let you know that he does not represent how most Americans view your great country.
First, we do not believe, as Mitt Romney
implied in 2007, that you have become a second-tier nation.

Rather, we are impressed at how the United Kingdom has consistently been able to punch above its weight on the world stage.
Additionally, we do not share the opinion which Romney
expressed in his 2010 book, No Apologies, that "England [sic] is just a small island," and that "with few exceptions, it doesn't make things that people in the rest of the world want to buy." Please continue sending us your many wonderful products, especially the upcoming third season of Downton Abbey.
We look forward not only to the London Olympics, but also to many years of continuing the special relationship between our two nations. Rest assured we will do our level best to prevent Mitt Romney from becoming our next president.






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