Awww HELL To The NO!

When I first saw Romy Klinger on: The Real L Word, I thought that she was one fine LESBIAN.  But I don’t embrace her bisexual persona this season and I will explain why:

In  2006 I was in graduate school earning a Masters of Science Degree in Knowledge Management. The Core of my studies focused of the topic of “Identity” and “Sense of Self.”

The assumption was that once I completed my studies that my sense of self and identity would be firmly established and that no matter how my surrounding environment changed, I would remain the person I am. It’s all about knowing oneself.

I don’t find it enjoyable to watch a woman justify her renewed heterosexuality by disparaging the gay community for engaging in: “Incestual” relationships.  Romy the word you are for is: “Incestuous.”

Hetrosexualizing The REAL L Word

Once again Chaiken panders to the penis possessors.  Deja Vue? Isn't this what happened just before the first L Word went "Belly Up" and was dead in the water?

But the reason that the gay community is  allegedly incestuous is because Gay communities are smaller than heterosexual communities D-U-H.

More importantly Klinger says that she was raised by two moms, spent years munching carpet, falling in love and wanting to marry a woman, but she now questions as to why some in the Lesbian community won’t now see her as a lesbian.

Well when you f#%! a dude you are not a lesbian. When you’re with a woman you are, with a man? No.

Maybe Klinger was never really a lesbian to begin with, maybe she should take time to decide who she is.
If gays and lesbians can live in secrecy for years before coming out of the closet as gay, why can't they do the same thing and come out as straight? Well in the REAL world that doesn't happen now does it? A woman cannot taste the "Rubyfruit" and be expected to subscribe to a diet of strictly bananas.

Romy Klinger should establish her sexual orientation, before she rushes into having a baby only to end up as some wife who screws women on the side with her husband’s permission.

That’s what the majority bisexuals do: They commit to heterosexuals for Life partnerships but use the same sex for carnal pleasure, or in Amber "The Slag" Heard's case: Career Advancement.


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