I Can’t Believe That…..

I promoted Amber Heard when she was in the Playboy Club, only to discover that she is just another Hollywood Slag. Relationships begin and end on their own, so you follow the rules of the universe and you don’t bust up families. Yes there are rules in life.

1. If the person says their relationship is over but has rules that prevent them from openly dating you, lest it cause a scandal, then they are not finished with their former partner.

2. When there are children involved, you stay out of it until everything is finalized, until their relationship is Truly over. People don't have to stay together just because they have children but You don’t bust up families, gay or straight.

3. Adults can set rules for sharing, but I have learned that when young children are involved, things become a hell of a lot different and more complicated because children perceive EVERTHING, they are affected.

This is why people don’t like “bisexuals.”  It’s not: “Oh everyone is picking on Bisexuals.” Heard came out as lesbian, AfterEllen repotted it! But as soon as Heard f^ck’s Depp, AfterEllen identifies her as bisexual.  As a lesbian, I assure my readers that the vast majority of emotionally stable lesbians do not change their sexual orientation on a flip of the coin.  I always said that since AfterEllen was purchased by LOGO that it’s nothing more than a shrine to penis worshipping. Yawn.

Hmm maybe if The Playboy Club wasn’t cancelled Heard wouldn’t have had the time to flit off and appear in The Rum Diary [which was a bomb at the box office anyway].



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