Initially I was not inspired to write a post for this blog. Oh I am not begging for input, nor was I thinking of asking for donations.  I was not inspired and my muse hadn’t moved me to write anything since last week.

Well nothing with the exception of my being “Duped” Tuesday evening.  I was on Twitter and had noticed several “re-Tweets” in my stream about Jane Rizzoli doing something incredibly gay and “That’s what happens with you mess with the Detective’s Woman” on that evening’s episode of “Rizzoli and Isles.”  I thought: “Maybe I’ll finally see something of substance.”
Well since I live life on the “Cheap,” I had to wait for the episode to appear online.  Lucky for me that only took approximately one hour.

Okay so the episode began with promise and I Dani_Acertainly  appreciated the butch/femme dynamic with Dr. Isles all “Femmed-Up” and Rizzoli in casual butch-wear.

Then I saw the new “neighbor” Riley Cooper [played by Daniella Alonso] and I was OKAYYYY!!! Let The Games begin! 

Especially when Dr. Isles gave Riley a look back or second glance as Dr. Isles and Jane entered Jane’s apartment.  I mean the actress: Daniella Alonso is FINE ;oÞ and apparently enough inspiration for me to at least write this post.

When Sasha Alexander touched Riley’s arm to “admire” her tattoo of a female “Coy” fish {pandering much], it was “GAME On! for me.  

Well it was “nothing” except for the usual heterosexual stuff like:
So I waited and waited and waited for something to continue the promising foreplay that I had witnessed in the first 10 or so minutes of the episode, but there was NOTHING.

Well nothing except for:
Now since I am not an adolescent male or a prepubescent female, I am not titillated by: NOTHING.
Maybe I am nonplussed because I’ve actually had sex with a woman. Subsequently  it takes a little more than: NOTHING for a scene to be considered “Gay or more importantly Lesbian” in my opinion. 

I mean Daniella Alonso is Beautiful and would have been a perfect romantic foil for Jane Rizzoli’s efforts to gain Maura’s affection.

Alonso has also appeared on many television shows like: Private Practice and mainstream movies like: The Hill’s Have Eyes II and can currently be seen in "Re-Kill" from AfterDark's Horrorfest Originals 2 [My favorite genre: Horror].

Really looking forward to seeing her this fall.
I really hate receiving fake “Gay” tweets about Rizzoli and Isles.


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