She Was A Soft-Butch

Gia Carangi was not Bisexual…

"I know how this is going to play out....That she's gonna' [break my heart [Sic]"  Sandy Linter

The Writers at AfterEllen should respect the memory of America’s FIRST Supermodel: Gia Marie Carangi as the soft-butch LESBIAN that she was. If you knew Gia, or even saw her…you fell in love with her. We All Fell In Love with Gia.


Poor baby was most likely Bi-Polar and self medicated with the worst possible option: Heroin.  Humans aren't as

intelligent as we pride ourselves as being and are often motivated by self interests.  The first speaker was her therapist and he couldn't tell she was bi polar and self medicating? Jesus I could tell just from listening to Sandy talk about Gia's "mood swings,"  and the others in the movie: An American Girl-The Self Destruction of Gia, speaking about how Gia "needed" the drug to be able to work and  cope with crises in her life.

We lost a rare treasure.

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