When a Lesbian is RAPED, it doesn’t mean she's Bisexual

I know that I had previously written that I would try not to be so harsh concerning the topic of bisexuality, but does it really matter whether I am or am not critical?
It’s not like I know if I offend readers, it’s not like I receive feedback, in fact as far as I’m concerned people that visit Lesberatti do so for the links or to read my criticism of other lesbian websites. That’s fine because I expect nothing more from a readership of whom I am probably old enough to have given birth to.
To The Insufferable, Know NOTHING MORONS Over a certain lesbian site: Leave the memory of Gia Carangi ALONE! 

 "Gia Carangi was openly Gay and made no attempt to hide her sexual orientation."
gia3I draw the line when it concerns Gia Carangi, Gia was a LESBIAN through and through.
Contrary to the HBO film: “Gia” and the LIES posted on the online lesbian menstual rag AfterEllen, Carangi was NOT bisexual. Being raped in a Heroin “shooting-gallery” does not make a lesbian Bisexual. Neither does having sex with men to get modeling jobs in order to support a Heroin addiction after being blacklisted in the industry make a Lesbian bisexual. You never read of Gia having any romantic relationships with males.
 So why is AfterEllen still promoting that tired misconception that Gia was Bisexual, when everyone who was close to her knew that “Being a Lesbian was the ONLY THING that Gia was sure about in her troubled life! [Sic]” hairdresser and photographer Maurice Tannenbaum.
Hell I KNEW that Gia was LESBIAN! and I never even got to meet the woman!
 If a woman is Beautiful and she is a lesbian it doesn’t mean that she must be bisexual, what kind of message is AfterEllen sending it’s confused readership? That one must be unattractive to be a lesbian?
Gia was looking for stability in her life, while I was: “Desperately Seeking Gia.”
To many Gia did not look stereotypically lesbian and she often found it impossible to convince people that she was in fact gay and interested in a long-term relationship with a WOMAN! Prior to her meteoric rise in modeling Gia presented herself as [soft] butch:Gia_Les02a

Even when Gia was in New York, she never strayed from her lesbian identity: Gia w/o makeup. 
Gia Marie Carangi was an absolutely beautiful butch lesbian and I was absolutely smitten!

With her stunning looks and perfect body, Gia had no problem finding women to y1plqubCHhjY5VunU_W2LGJkw0WfY8q71PfCwwtdNHHGP5sdZ2igwikThgKDjlpgiJl37omLccgXeYbed, but finding someone interested in establishing a meaningful long-term relationship was a different story. Gia recalled:

 "Money didn't interest me. I got to a point where I had all this money. I had everything I ever wanted in life - or thought I wanted - and I said "What the hell is this all for?" ..."I mean, I need money to survive, but I'm looking for better things than that, like happiness and love and caring." Gia Carangi

 So when I read or see things that allude to Gia's non-existent bisexuality, it feels like a personal attack on my Identity as a lesbian! That’s how important Gia was to me and to many of my lesbian peers.

Back in the day, I didn’t have America’s Next Top Model to help me in my career choices so for a Model to be so hot and lesbian, that it compelled me to go to the “big city” and pursue my dreams [which in retrospect had less to do with establishing my own modeling career than it had to do with finding Gia] was unheard of in my world, that only happened in the movies.

I guess if this blog were pandering to a readership that is discovering their sexuality I would also pretend that Bisexuality was something more than youthful experimentation and as we see over and over with famous people like self professed bisexuals: Angelina Jolie, Anna Paquin, and Amber Heard, that bisexuals seem to only use the same sex for pleasure but commit to the opposite sex for life partnerships or in Amber’s case: Career Advancement via Johnny Depp’s penis.

Gia hoped that her relationship with Sandy Linter would blossom into something long-term, but Sandy was much more career conscious than Gia was and had no interest in becoming involved in a public lesbian relationship. This left  Gia heartbroken.

Even after Gia left modeling she didn’t change sexual orientations, she was a LESBIAN! Gia moved to Atlantic City and back in with ex-lover Elyssa Goldman [a.k.a Rochelle] who comes home from work one evening to find Gia high on Heroin [and possibly methadone]. Goldman and Gia argue, Goldman throws a shirtless Gia out of the apartment and Gia wanders into an alley, where she falls asleep and again is raped. I hate writing what happened to Gia, but RAPE doesn’t mean that she was bisexual.
 Arguably both Goldman and the Carangi Family take credit for pressuring Gia to enter a drug-rehabilitation program at Eagleville Hospital. That’s why it F#@!ng pisses me off to read in AfterEllen that Gia was bisexual, she wasn’t!
Gia Marie Carangi was a LESBIAN! and I am old enough to know that and I won’t have the memory of this beautiful woman hi-jacked and sullied by a group that seemingly wants to ride the coattails of the Lesbian And Gay community, or by an online Lez-a-zine that wants to mislead its youthful readership.
I wasn’t going to post these photos because Gia looks so dramatically different in her European modeling days after she was blacklisted in the U.S. because of her use of Heroin and you can see the effect the drug had on her:


People used Gia, whether it was for sex or money they used her, but never helped her.

You can see how she doesn’t look like the vibrant woman she once was, yet she still looked good [in fact she looked like many models do this day], it was heart-breaking as Gia never wore this much makeup..

It's also very sad that as Gia physically wasted away, the modeling industry embraced the emaciated "Heroin Chic" look that still exists despite calls for realistic looking model sizes..

Gia's influence on the modeling industry is so wide that even she couldn't have predicted the effect that she would ultimately have.

As one ages, they become aware of their mortality and as I've written previously: Things will occur that threaten  one's health, so while I am not "lame" or "tired" I know that one cannot maintain one's health a life when they do drugs.

When Gia finally wanted the benefits that modeling gave her, it was too late to attain them.

As you age, sometimes just making it to the next day seems like you're "Beating The Odds" [Funny but true]. 

That's what they mean when they say that the young think that they are "immortal" and to "live everyday as if it's your last."


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