More of My Favorite Movies

Let the Right One In

Quite possibly the best vampire movie ever made. Let the Right One In is a truly unique story about a gentle young boy "Oskar" and his new blood-sucking friend “Eli” [played by Lina Leandersson] from next door. This film is a heart-warming love story between a young boy and "girl [which belies the fact that the vampire is a centuries old male] with sprees of gory violence, which the director pulls off brilliantly. 
This movie blows ‘Twilight’ out of the water! 98% RT. Note: This film also has an American counterpart called Let Me In that would have been almost as good except the male character “Owen” seemed a bit confused and ultimately incapable of self actualization whereas in the original “Oskar” played by Kåre Hedebrant fully came into his own.
In addition the Let The Right One In didn’t rely on cartoonish special effects in its vampire scenes.
Ultimately movies are about attaining “Suspension of Disbelief” and this mo0vie does so brilliantly. First you forget that the cute little girl is a vampire whenever she doesn’t have blood on her face, besides the fact that you’ve already forgotten that She is really a “He” and that this is a Gay Love Story.
This is the only vampire movie that I know about that can make you cheer for the "monster" or bring tears to your eyes.

 The Descent

This movie is really, really scary. A group of female spelunkers [Cave Explorers]   get together one weekend to explore an uncharted abyss. Little do they know that there is a race of creepy creatures wandering around looking for food down there. The storyline sound may seem stupid, but the way the film is shot and how the suspense builds before the creatures are introduced makes for a bone-chilling watch. 
Garden State

One of Natalie Portman’s earlier films. Garden State is the story of an actor who goes back to his hometown for his mother’s funeral and starts figuring out what he wants in life. It’s chock-full of quirky humor, funny characters and ruminations on life. I highly recommend Garden State.


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