Sunday Movie

Before leaving for college, recently dumped budding musician/Goth Girl Rachel's [Ruth Reynolds] life is changed forever when she falls in love with a smart and professional woman Amy [Madeline Merritt] who is staying in the family's guest yest house. 

Damn this is a good movie ;oÞ
Granted the acting is stilted and mediocre, but it still hits all the right notes and Oh Hell To The Yes I am virtually smitten with Madeline Meritt who plays Amy, she’s frakking beautiful and what a butch in the Hot Tub! Yeeeooooow! Inarguably the hot tub is also where one [if not only] of the funniest scenes occur.

The shortcomings in the film lay with writer/director Michael Baumgarten's approach. With the stilted dialogue that is the result of the the main characters forcing banal and redundant dialogue, causing the film to come off at times like "soft porn." This isn't soft porn because it's not as sexually explicit as soft pornography. But it sure sounds like it.



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