Weekend Movie: The “Eyes” have it

I spent Last weekend playing online. Having online movie marathons and “chillin’ with  my interests, which invariably include: babes and Horror movies.
So first I needed to discover the identity of this honey:


It was her eyes that got me. Her name is Louise Griffith   and when I first saw her, those eyes made quite an impact.  Maybe it was the accompanying Al Green song: “Let’s Stay Together,” Uh Nope it was her eyes.
Then I decided to have a “Theme”  for my next movie night.  I chose the retro suspense classic:
Eyes of Laura Mars

Laura Mars (Faye Dunaway) is a glamorous fashion photographer who specializes in stylized violence. Amid controversy over whether her photographs glorify violence and are demeaning to women, Laura begins seeing, in first person through the eyes of the killer, real-time visions of the murders of her friends and colleagues.

This film is so cool. Made in 1978 with actors of major fame like: Faye Dunaway [Mommy Dearest/Chinatown/Bonnie and Clyde] and Tommy Lee Jones from the Men In Black and Fugitive franchises as well  as a host of other familiar faces, during the time that Gia Carangi was rocketing to fame on the modeling scene. In fact the giant photos in the reception scene at the museum were done by famed fashion photographer Helmut Newton, who did the iconic Gia Carangi photos in the: Woman into Man series [left].

Ironically the majority of the models that appeared in the film are known for modeling in Penthouse magazine and not fashion trades.
Nonetheless the movie has an off the chain retro soundtrack and a great theme: “Prisoner or Love” sung by Barbra Streisand in addition to disco classics that you may be familiar with.

Enjoy HERE


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