The Reason That Republicans Lie and Steal is…..

It's  really too bad that more Americans don't read this blog.

Is it because they don’t want to acknowledge that Ruplicans and the Tea Party don't offer real solution and have to resort to lying or else they wouldn’t win elections? The G.O.P does the same thing every election, now they are joined by the Tea Party. Both political parties are the dupes of Corporate and Elitist interests, but have convinced their supporter otherwise by appealing to their insecurities and lack of skill Critical Analysis.

Debunking Romney's Viral Medicare Lie



So what exactly does the ACA do to Medicare spending? The ACA trims $428 billion in waste, fraud and abuse. No cuts to benefits, just increased efficiency and fraud protections, and Medicare Advantage payments to private insurance corporations are balanced out to the same levels as Medicare proper. 
That's all. Put another way, let's say you spend $100 on food today, and you plan to spend $200 on food tomorrow because you're having guests for dinner. In the interim, you opt to spend only $150 on food tomorrow because you clipped some coupons. You're still spending 50 percent more money tomorrow, so it's not a "cut" in spending. Instead, you've decided to simply save money that you didn't need to otherwise spend. Make sense? If so, explain it to your Republican friends because they don't seem to get it.
The savings will add another 8-10 years of solvency to Medicare without touching benefits, while, according to the CBO, Medicare spending is expected to nearly double by 2020. 

Meanwhile, Medicare Advantage premiums are down and enrollment is up, according to HHS -- hardly indicative of a plan that's suffering due to the ACA.
The Republicans, including Mitt Romney, are vocally against these obviously positive changes to the system, and they've vowed to repeal Obamacare and all of the Medicare provisions within, including the streamlined savings, the preventative care coverage, and they'll re-open the donut hole, leaving retirees with potentially thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket medical expenses every year. But if a would-be President Romney repealed Obamacare, the system would be insolvent by 2016 and he'd be forced to reduce spending on the program with likely cuts to benefits anyway. At the same time, the Romney camp is positioning itself as the true savior of the program -- a claim that's absurd on its face and exactly the opposite of their true intentions.
It's almost cliche to write this, but this is classic George Orwell by way of Karl Rove. Up is down, black is white, Republicans will save Medicare while Democrats, who invented it and who have fought to sustain it at all costs, want to suddenly destroy it. The exact opposite is true. Nevertheless, the Lie of the Week plan appears to be working. Only 31 percent of seniors (ostensibly Medicare recipients) support the ACA while also supporting Mitt Romney for president. Considering the array of new benefits that would be repealed when Romney rolls back the ACA, this is staggering but not completely surprising given the pervasiveness of the Republican lies about the law.
A NEW ROSA PARKS 93-year-old Viviette Applewhite

From Florida to Pennsylvania, Republican officials have launched an all-out effort to steal the 2012 presidential election for Mitt Romney. They are using every tactic imaginable at their disposal — from purging eligible citizens off voter rolls to implementing discriminatory voter ID laws — to disenfranchise thousands of voters in battleground states.
The latest target of the Republican scheme to disenfranchise voters is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that is working to register hundreds of thousands of women, students and minorities to vote in time for Election Day.

The Mitt Romney for President campaign has requested that Virginia state election officials suppress the votes of thousands of Virginians who completed and signed a legal, state-approved voter registration application distributed by the Voter Participation Center.
The Romney campaign is pressuring the Virginia State Board of Elections to block a voter registration drive by the non-partisan Voter Participation Center, requesting a sham investigation meant to shut down efforts to put women, students and minorities on the voter rolls. This politically motivated procedural maneuver could suppress the votes of thousands of eligible citizens in Virginia.1
It's the same old story of Republicans using the irrational fear of voter "fraud" as cover while they work to disenfranchise eligible voters.2 The truth is, voter fraud is exceedingly rare. More Americans are struck by lightning than commit voter fraud. The real problem, the one that can affect the outcome of our elections if we're not vigilant, is voter suppression. Which is exactly what Republicans are trying to do in the Romney campaign's crusade to shut down a large-scale effort to register thousands of students, women and minorities to vote in the 2012 presidential election.
The registration work conducted by the Voter Participation Center and other nonprofit civic engagement groups is even more critical now, as Republicans are engaging in systematic efforts to enact voter suppression laws across the country. The purpose of these attacks is not just to suppress the votes of students, women and minorities in Virginia, but to warn other nonprofit groups across the country that if they dare to register voters on a large scale, they will face costly and distracting investigations meant more to harass than to enforce the law.
The Virginia Board of Elections rarely hears from the voters of Virginia in large numbers. If enough of us sign the petition and make it clear that we want them to work to help register more Virginians, not make it harder to vote, we can stop the Romney campaign's scheme to block Virginians from voting on Election Day.
We cannot let Republicans steal the election by disqualifying the legal voter registration forms of students, women, and minorities — and we need you to take action to help us fight back. Click below to automatically sign our petition.
Thank you for fighting for voting rights.
Becky Bond, Political Director CREDO Action from Working Assets
1. Page Gardner, "The Battle Over Who Votes in November," HuffingtonPost.com, July 29, 2012.
2. Virginia state officials have received "about 100" complaints out over 200,000 voter registration forms sent in by VPC. See Ryan J. Reilly, "
No, Democrats Aren't Trying To Register Kids And Dogs To Vote," TalkingPointsMemo.com, July 25, 2012.

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