For the storms, hopefully I won’t lose power but so far at least http://freebeacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Storm-AP-540x360.png10,000 people in Maryland have lost their power.  Glad that I don’t live in  Maryland.
Oh yeah been ordering gizmos and gadgets from Amazon. Now I have to gather all of my electronic do-dads together in my messenger bag so if the power does go out I’ll be able to take them with me to the mall so I can hang out.  

I have both seasons of Lip Service on my cell phone and Elena Undone and High Tension (eww) on my eReader, oh and some eBooks also. Been fortunate, it’s hot but right now I have electricity and I am on the “interweb” so all is good.

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110606232724/glee/images/e/ec/Rachel-finn-glee1.jpgI turned on the television and Glee was on, that guy [Finn] proposed to that girl [Rachel] who idolizes Streisand {easy to tell I am not a faithful viewer, nonetheless I had already seen that episode}. 

I miss Hit&Miss and Dead Boss and I’m not really looking forward to tonight’s episode of the Real L Word [it’s still on right?], I mean who is Romy going to have sex with now to further give the notion that bisexuals are sexually ambivalent?
I admit that Kaci [sp] and Cori’s heartbreak was devastating, but could Kyomi BE any more annoying with her silliness with Somer?

Not to mention Chaiken’s irrepressible inability to get the type of women that are actually engaging on that show. Like OMG L.A. versus New York, but not one attractive ethnic person and don’t give me that Sarraaaagh is ethnic because she's Portuguese. I’m Portuguese! [and German and African] meaning that I am not white. See in the United States, if you  a nonwhite Portuguese then you are considered “black. Asians? Yeah but don’t they only go for Caucasians on that show and vice versa. 

Guess that makes Chaiken’s venture into multiculturalism a big fat FAIL.
Blecchh I am bored, what to do…what to do? No time to procrasturbate.
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