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Alles Wird Gut [Everything Will Be Fine 1998] [a romantic comedy] is one of my ALL Time Favorite Lesbian movies. For one thing it’s about LESIANS, and more importantly they are lesbians of color who are German! Yes the world is ethnically diverse and director Angelina Maccarone explores the challenges biracial lesbians face in a country that considers them foreigners [despite being born IN Germany].

German with English Subtitles

HERE [Note you either the divx web-player plugin available HERE] Also register at the site or it won’t let you watch the movie unless you download and install their codec [the Viaudix plugin]. To bypass this, follow this instruction: 1. After you install the divx web player [Right Click “HERE” and Save the movie link] 2. Register at the movie site and Login into the movie site. 3. Then enter enter the url of the movie into the address bar, you will be brought to the movie’s page.

Chantal de Freitas Kati Studemann
_MG_6634 KLS

 With every story comes a back-story:

Alles Wird Gut was  released in 1998, however the subtitled versions weren’t available to mass markets, only to GLBT film festivals.  To make matters worse, I couldn’t get my hands on any copy unless I purchased it from Orlanda publishing in Germany, which I did. I then had a “watch party” and placed an ad in the local gay newspaper instead of using my Facebook account, because I got scared because I didn’t want to have a: “Netherlands Incident” where too many women would show up and limited the attendees.
Anyway, the film was in German and I translated for the audience [Despite the fact that I’m not fluent in German] I think I could literally translate about 35% of the dialogue correctly, everyone had a good time anyway. Even if you don’t like reading subtitles the movie is pretty self explanatory.



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