Hard To Tell

In the movie Gia, it was depicted that Carangi would arrive for shoots high and barely conscious. Nonetheless the photographers posed her limp body and photographed her anyway. I can't help but to become so sad every time I see a photo of Gia with her eyes closed.

Gia Carangi by Denis Piel

I have a serious issue with the way Gia was used by the industry. That's why it's taken so long for me to post the photos below, even though they are well known to many.

Like in these photos.

Like Vultures the staff circles a sleeping Carangi [rendered unconscious by Heroin]. But what happened to Gia when the photo sessions  ended? Was there someone there for her to make sure the others didn't sexually violate her? 

Gia was suspicious of strangers, because it seemed as if everyone wanted her [and they did]. [Sadly her addiction made her vulnerable to to predators]. Gia didn't trust people, that's why a photographer told me that it was unlikely that I would ever meet Gia and alluded that Gia would not be "friendly" [Neither of us knew that by the time I arrived in Manhattan, Gia had been fired from the business never to model again].

 [If] Denis Piel  was so callous that he could manipulate an unconcious body, twisting it into various poses so that he could earn his salary, then what was to stop him or anyone  else from doing anything they wanted to Gia?

It's ironic how the human species jumps on the accomplishments of one individual and projects it onto the masses.

The Human Experience: 

In the late 70s cell phones were nonexistent for the masses.  Now in 2012 millions of people the world over chat on their smart phones while texting and tweeting and doing everything the technology offers with an air of arrogance. It's as if they invented the technology.  People want to claim the designation of super"man" when it's related to something good. However if you point out how people in the industry let Gia down, you will hear: "Well after all we're only human." How convenient.

Flash Forward

It's 2012 and people in the fashion and entertainment industries continue to exhibit the same delusional arrogance as they did 34 years ago. Photographers, makeup artists and production assistants aren't special, nor are they particularly intelligent. It's inexcusable as well as insulting when I read: "Well, everybody did it [drugs] and of course we're only human." 


Seriously WTF?! Was she "awake"? 

probably but still not in the condition to do anything to protect herself if something harmful were to happened.

I am not so far removed from this era so maybe it was dumb luck but despite being extremely close to the lifestyle, I didn't succumb to the temptation. I am grateful that I didn't because the way rhings were in NYC and beyond, I wouldn't have received an intervention.

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