On Second Thought…..

After having watched the original version of the 2012 movie Love Crime, I now believe that the American remake “Passion” starring: Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace, will be quite interesting.

Whenever there’s an American remake of a foreign film that is still current, I like to see the original first. In the back of my mind I’ve already judged the American remake to be inferior.  To date I’ve not been wrong in my assumptions [Notably: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Let Me In].

However, I suspect that with Brian DePalma being involved with the movie Passion, we may very well see a top notch thriller, worthy of accolades.

For one thing: Brian DePalma is the MASTER of the Thriller Genre having directed such classics as:

Scarface, Mission Impossible, Carlito’s Way
Dressed to Kill, Sisters, Obsession, Body Double

Not to mention that the locations where Passion was filmed retain a European quality by being filmed in Germany. Unlike many Americans, I DON’T Hate Europe,

In addition Noomi Rapace! For me she’s the actress of the moment and Rapace makes an excellent choice as the “Isabelle” character.  
Oh and the twist was awesome in the original. At first I was skeptical when the younger older dynamic was removed because that was integral to the premise.  It will be interesting to see if McAdams pulls off her role as the manipulative, ruthless and emotionally sadistic coworker. I predict that Rapace will daringly and successfully step into character and deliver a quality performance as she has in every movie I've seen her in to date [Yes, EVEN Prometheus]. 

Actually I expected her to be the power broker but instead Rachel Mcadams is, which makes sense as Noomi is an Academy Award nominated actress proving that she can handle the emotional complexity of her character. 

Rachel McAdams: I don’t think I am a huge fan of her unless I know exactly what’s she’s appeared in her name only ring a faint bell of recognition.

I found one shortcoming with the original movie: Love Crime. I am not fluent in French, so I read the subtitles, at times my mind wandered and when I refocused something crucial had occurred.

DePalma's Signature Touch:

“The Reveal” or placement of key, revelatory information in a story, is an important element in all DePalma movies and Passion certainly has its share of reveals that will explain everything in case you get lost in the movie’s twists and turns.


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