Really Webmaster? Really?

Sum it up to the folly of youth but I swear that the internet is infiltrated by individuals who really missed out on the socialization process.

I remember during the final season of the L Word, I became enamored with photographer/actor Alexandra Hedison who played Dylan Moreland [paramour to heiress Helena Peabody] and searched online for information about her. I came across some fan pages and one site in particular was very insightful and had tons of photos that Alex had taken herself [including that infamous photo taken at the July 4th pool party with Ellen Degeneres balancing Portia Derossi on her shoulders in the pool. By December of that same year on Christmas Eve, Ellen evicted Hedison from the home they shared and moved Portia in].

I bring that up because that fan site had everything, but eventually it closed down. Eventually I found another site that later became the Official Website of Alexandra Hedison.

The proprietor of that site behaved as if she was in a personal relationship with Hedison. I had read that Alex is a filmmaker and this individual stated that she had the film, so I inquired if I could see it and she told me “No” offering a particularly odd reason.  Perplexed I wondered why a filmmaker would make a film that they didn’t want anyone to see.

Then there was that chick who virtually stalked Karina Lombard, bragging that she had Karina’s phone number and that I couldn’t have it [Even though I didn’t ask for it or even want it].

Now there’s the weirdo with Gia Carangi. I am aware that since Angelina Jolie portrayed Gia, many young women who weren’t alive during her time have discovered the life of America’s first supermodel. However I never thought 026_ZGiaStBARTS that a “journalist” who is a lesbian would freak the hell out merely because I liked her site and wanted to exchange links.

The woman of my dreams 1980:
 Gia in St. Barts photo by: Harry King]

The webmaster at giacarangi.xxx had a blog connected to that domain. I liked the blog, so I sent her the HTML for my banner and created a banner to her site.  I inquired if we could exchange links, as I had done with Amy’s "Gia Carangi” Lens.

All this webmaster had to do was either accept or respond that a link exchange was not what she wanted.  Instead the crazy B%^#! removed the domain so that I couldn’t even find the blog.  People I am not a 020“tween,” “twenty” or even “thirty something”, those days are over.  I don’t have time for women to lose their minds because they feel I am taking some aspect of Gia away from them merely because I want to link to their site. 


It's bizarre how 32 years later people are trying to possess "A Thing of Beauty" that is no longer with us.
When I forayed into the beauty industrial complex for a hot minute it was because I was drawn by Gia [and the notion of either seducing or being seduced by her, with an afterthought of actually doing some modeling]. Yet even in my misguided, but youthful exuberance, such a meeting was not so far-fetched of an idea, had I been in the right places at the right times. That was when Gia was actually alive. It’s a lot different for me to remember a time in my life that actually occurred and when Gia was a part of the Zeitgeist, as compared to someone gaining knowledge from an HBO movie and holding onto to public record like it’s something that can’t be shared.

Needless to write that webmaster basically overreacted to absolutely NOTHING.
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