Sandy Wasn’t The Only One

In the movie Gia, viewers  were led to believe that the late supermodel Gia Carangi was solely http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9sfpvi7NJ1r3e5muo1_500.jpgfixated on makeup artist and object of her affections, Sandy Linter. But there were others. Gia had a crush on one of the other models at the Wilhelmina agency.  Her name was Juli Foster, and she was one of the agency’s top girls. So did they hook up? No Juli is heterosexual and contrary to the legend of Gia as a bad-ass, at least in the beginning many in the industry viewed her  as someone who was “harmless”  as in the context that she wasn’t looking to score, but looking for affection and love.

[Gia Carangi (standing) with  Juli Foster (seated) Vogue Magazine].

Gia would lament to her male friends [That she also enlisted as assistants to meet women] that they were lucky because they could be with someone like Juli. Gia wasn’t plugged into the lesbian scene, her world was that of the fashionistas. 
 Although Gia did nothing to hide her attraction to Foster, there was no romantic connection.

Juli Foster exhibited the same presence that Carangi displayed in her photos. The two women even resembled each other. They would have made a cute couple if Juli were gay.

Of course Gia would develop a crush on Juli Foster...

Juli Foster Gia Carangi
juli_foster_smi_0003 381981870
They did many shoots together.
The most notable photo together was an artistic one for Bazaar Italia in 1978 that featured the two women nude.

Gia_w_WomanNude To call Gia  bisexual, does a disservice to the woman she was and the women she loved.   


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