As it Should Be….

A judge in Pennsylvania has halted the state's harsh voter ID law. Now, Pennsylvania voters lacking photo ID will be allowed to cast a ballot this November.
Pennsylvania Republicans passed this law because they thought, by disenfranchising 750,000 voters, it was "gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania."
Granted, these days I don’t see any viable rational for not having a photo ID, we have 10 months prior to the election to obtain a photo ID, nonetheless I applaud the court’s decision to obstruct Republican efforts to prevent citizens from exercising their Constitutional rights.

I would have hoped that by this point in my life the G.O.P would have transcended the static position it has held for time eternal. Unfortunately I see that it hasn’t and is not likely to ever.
Which is why I don’t believe that Presidential debates really sway voters, in fact I don’t even understand why some voters claim to be “Undecided.”

If you are not satisfied with the way the country has been run for the past 3 and1/2 years then you should remember that Congress took every opportunity to obstruct the Obama Presidency that they could.  None of this was helped by the President’s “Can’t We All Just Get Along” and “Go With The Flow” demeanor.

Still Barack Obama is by far the “Lesser” Of Two Evils. I have a problem with Romney telling his wealthy supporters that 47% of the population will never be convinced to take responsibility for their own live, while he and his running mate want to change Medicare and Medicaid instead of taking responsibility to their own lives by explaining to their constituents that the thousands who receive Medicare benefits contributed to a program that guaranteed coverage.  Romney should tell his constituents that these Medicare recipients met the criteria that would ensure their benefits.  This is a problem for the Romney campaign and Republicans in general because in my opinion they never appear to want to take personal responsibility and contribute for their own lives and to the plan if they want to enjoy it when they retire. These  so call “Leaders” always promote subsidizing their lifestyle on the backs of those who can least afford it. The Wealthy should put more into the system if they aren’t satisfied with it.Which brings me to believe that Romney will be defeated in 2012. The Middle Class is shrinking exponentially, but appealing to their fears without providing solutions to uplift the former middle class which was devastated by a Republican controlled Congress [that thought that by further destroying the American Economy that voters would blame President Obama]. We know why the Jobs Bill wasn’t passed, We heard Mitch McConnell say that the G.O.P’s main goal was to insure that Barack Obama was a one term president.


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