Internet Woes

I live in an apartment complex with property management that is CHEAP.  That means that when my DSL goes out [which it seems to do semi-regularly] I am never quite sure if it’s the archaic wiring in the building or the  inept technicians at the internet provider.

To make matters WORSE, it seems that when I connected my Barns and Noble NOOK to my PC, the computer for some reason thought that my PC was a Mac. Initially the NOOK connected and allowed me to transfer some eBooks from my computer, but later when I restarted my computer it CRASHED!
I had to “restore” my PC to the day before to get it operational.
I do intend on moving [Just not in the very near future]. 

So this is why I don’t post as frequently as I used to.

Between writing a novelette, the long tumblr_m5qptbncLq1rxfub5o4_400 awaited work: “Beyond The Quiet” [The quintessential follow-up to the FemSlash masterpiece "Altered Beginning"] and creating original art. I am at times presented with variations of my muse.

It’s different when an individual like Gia Carangi is elevated to the status of icon. 

Afterall Gia was only present for a couple of years with her fame, as opposed to icons like Marilyn Monroe or even Elizabeth Taylor [Who died in her 70’s]. Unlike Amy Winehouse who possessed incredible vocal ability.  Gia Carangi didn't live long enough to hone any other tangible talents such as acting or being a spokes person. Gia's only salient gift the  public experienced was that she was a remarkably beautiful lesbian.

If Gia were still alive, she and I would not be separated that much by age.  However now that I am older, it’s a fine line between paying homage and being creepy. 

This is why I won’t post most images of Gia as a toddler or preteen.

Here is some exclusive footage from a 1979 cover shoot that Gia did for Cosmopolitan Magazine with famed photographer Francesco Scavullo

Gia was a lesbian, it's been documented on film and in print. Gia Carangi was the answer to every boy's claim that lesbians are only: "That Way" because they are too ugly to get a man.

I know that many sites online claim that Gia was a bisexual, but I sum that up to youthful misunderstanding: The result of inaccuracies in the HBO movie Gia and a skewed perception of addiction fueled behavior.

Gia was not bisexual by any means.  What a junkie does to obtain money for drugs or get the drugs directly does not establish sexual orientation. I personally knew 4 women who succumbed to Heroin addiction around the time that Gia did, one was a wealthy young woman that I've written about previously who lived in on the Upper East Side of Manhattan around the same time Gia was trolling for Heroin on the Lower East Side. I know that their paths must have crossed many occasions since both were addicted to the same drug.

Remember: I was alive when Gia was at her height in the modelling industry. I knew there was "something" about her,  everybody knew

 I was also in New York City just before Heroin Chic [the drugged out look inspired by Carangi's death] was made famous by Kate Moss and most importantly, unlike some of my peers [Both in and out of the business]  I was able to dodge the ravaging effects of Heroin addiction and the burgeoning AIDS epidemic.


I strongly believe that the Bisexual community needs to establish its own identity, even if that means being critically truthful by admitting that essentially they lean strongly towards heterosexuality and only use gays and lesbians for sexual diversion and pleasure, but never consider homosexual relationships suitable for lifelong commitments.  

Most people who initially claimed to be bisexual and end up in a gay long term relationship have done so once they've fully come out as either a  gay man, or lesbian.

Lesbians and Gays know this is true, now bisexuals need to come clean and end the charade.

The Lesbian and Gay Population really doesn't need any fringe group riding our coattails to gain acceptance, only to abandon us once they decide to marry the opposite sex to reap the benefits of Heterosexual marriage.

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