Long Overdue…

It’s Saturday October `4, 2012.  I hadn’t checked my PayPal account is ages, so I didn’t know if any contributions had been made by the readers who visit this Blog.  Needless to say that when I saw the bounty another blogger reaped from her visitors I became even more disheartened because I felt that I wasn’t liked by you.
In fact I had almost lost any remaining motivation that to continue writing.  I mean with completing my novelette, creating Original DESIGNS IN MY STUDIO AND WRITING THIS BLOG, well I felt underappreciated and that it was just too much to continue. 

So I decided to  move on and look for a new vendor to sell my digital content.  I saw that Pay Pal was claiming to offer a way to sell digital content, so I signed into my account after months of ignoring it and Lo and Behold, there was money in it! The Money hadn’t come from an art sale because the site that is currently hosting the art I am selling has not recorded any sales.  

So since here was NO balance in my PayPal account for a Looooonjnnnnggg Time, this means that contributions must have been made!

I can’t get a new laptop or even get my desktop PC  upgraded but WAIT! Because even small donation[s] matter[s] and show me that some of you really are appreciating my online contributions and for that I:

with a Million Kisses and Hugs!
Now I am reinvigorated and will try to create content that will motivate readers to help me keep this blog growing.


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