Say It Isn't So LiLo……

I admit that I’m looking forward to watching Lohan portraying legendary actor Elizabeth Taylor. After all Lindsay is a competent actor (at  least when she isn’t generating unnecessary scandals by being drunk or on other intoxicants).  

In fact I was almost ready to raise Lohan’s status from the: “Aww Hell To The NO!” category, a netherworld occupied by celebs of questionable talent or life choices’ like [Kim Kardashian, Silicon Booty Nicki Minaj, or Janet [I don’t care who your brother was: Whispering into a microphone isn’t singing darlin’] Jackson, just sayin'.

But it Gets WORSE! [It always seems to get worse doesn’t it?].
The scandalous Liz & Dick star hasn’t helped her flagging image in any measure by endorsing Mitt Romney on the red carpet at the launch of Mr. Pink ginseng drink last night — stars tend to take flack for claiming to vote Republican (just ask Nicki Minaj, Stacy Dash and perennial disappointment Angie Harmon) some of whose personal disasters also transcend her political affiliations at this point). 

Lohan: "I just think employment is really important right now,"  — though I'd argue that any issues Lindsay has with unemployment are for different reasons than the rest of the country.

More  importantly, the United States hasn't yet begum to experienmce the "Austerity" crack down people in Europe are experiencing.  Well at least not yet, that's because the politicians are waiiting until after the election  to slam the voters.  That's why it's criticle to vote for the candidate that promises not to change key measure sure as Medicare and Social Security.  Lohan's vote works against me, and I guess that she's over her lesbianism eh?
Besides Lindsey is in a recession proof industry since it’s a known fact that even during the Great Depression of the 1920’a people still flocked to the movies to escape their problems. P_eaople complain that only low wage jobs are being created, they don't understand that is the new measure of employment: Low wage jobs, being supported by who? Wealthy people like Mitt Romney.
Still, despite the fact that all three Lohans can clearly take their share of the blame for this most recent family saga, it’s still extra bad for Lindsay, who like many of us didn’t grow up with exemplary role models as parents. Still having to call TMZ to make sense of your personal family drama isn’t a fate I’d wish on anyone.
Lindsay please tell me when enough is enough.
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