So Far So......."Ehh"

I become invigorated when the Fall television viewing season begins, I look forward to seeing how some of my favorite actors have physically changed over the summer hiatus and I enjoy the episodic promise of a new or returning series.

Season one of American Horror Story was good [despite allowing myself to traverse a Labyrinth of confusing twists and plot reversals] and I watched it regularly. In fact I was so stoked to see season two that I was looking for the episode when it hadn’t even aired yet.

Therefore you can just imagine my sense of “ehh” when I finally watched the episode: The Asylum Pt 1.


At first I was “Wow a lesbian story arc.” quickly followed by disappointment that as usual the white character is extorted into selling the person they are supposed to love down the river.

Excuse me but I am still getting over the characters in the movie The Help
being portrayed as some sort of pathetic champion merely because "she" [the white woman] initially was afraid to stand up to "High Society" racists, was bullied into firing her long time maid. Finally though she developes a backbone and takes a stand many years later putting racism in its place. Predictably the character then looked at her daughter as if to say: “I did good right?”

Now the culprit is actor Clea Duvall, who signs over her “Intrepid Reporter” girlfriend [Sarah Paulson] to the Asylum, lest she herself be exposed as a Lesbian! I guess we can look forward to Duvall's character experiencing some sort of retribution by meeting her demise at the hands of her betrayed lover. Yawn

actor Clea Duvall

American Horror Story began it’s second season as confusing as it began its first season, except that this time mediocre vocalist Adam Levine from Maroon 5 is in the hot seat as the clueless dolt who with his hottie wife [Jenna Dewan-Tatum] enter an abandoned asylum [loosely based on Waverly Hills [Distinguished as one of the most haunted institutions in America.]

I watched a documentary on Waverly Hills and I was more afraid watching the documentary than when I was watching the season premier of American Horror Story.
Moving On:
Years ago, I read an article about a 1932 movie: Freaks, it was considered a controversial movie because it featured real circus performers: disabled humans with physical deformities.

Most noticeable a was a young man whose head came to somewhat of a point. he was referred to as “Pin Head.”
In reality the condition is known as Microcephaly, a neurodevelopmental disorder in which the circumference of the head is more than two standard deviations smaller than average for the person's age and sex.

Well wouldn’t you know that in the first part of the episode Asylum there is a character resembling Pin Head. It was purely gratuitous, not scary, really insulting and distasteful because the original individual afflicted with this disability was actually a kind sweet person, who loved performing but was exploited in 1932 in a movie. 

Thankfully the movie "Freaks" was such a commercial failure that it ended the career of its director.

Thank goodness Connie Britton [Who starred in the first AHS] smartly moved on to star in the promising ABC Country Music Series: Nashville.


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