Flying High or Is It High Flyin'?

Zoë Lund (1962-1999), formerly Tamerlis, is an icon of the New York underground.

Directed in 1992 by Abel Ferrara The Bad Lieutenant screenplay was written by actress-model and musician Zoë Lund. Lund also played a small role in the film. Zoë Lund had been discovered by Ferrara and had starred in his earlier film, Ms. 45. My curiosity about  Zoë Tamerlis-Lund was piqued after I saw her interview in the film: An American Girl: The Self Destruction of Gia Carangi, where she describes the feeling of a heroin high with raw  uncompromising honesty.

I wondered who this woman was, and how did she come to know these facts concerning the feeling of Heroin?

Her name was Zoë [Tamerlis] Lund, she was born in 1962 and died in 1996 of heart failure the result of excessive cocaine use.  

Zoë had never met supermodel Gia Carangi, however she was working on a biographical screenplay of Carangi's life at the time of her death, and she appeared posthumously in the documentary: American Girl The Self-Destruction of Gia film by J.J. Martin, where she delves in great detail the effects of a Heroin high.

 Bad Leuitenant was a movie starring Harvey Keitel as an immoral, corrupt cop who seeks redemption after a nun is brutally raped but won't identify her attackers because she forgives them. The movie is stark, violent and stays with you if you dare to watch it. Lund wrote the screenplay but the director wants to take credit for it.
Abel Ferrara didn't have much to do with the Bad Lieutenant script at all. Now he wants to re-release it without Zoe Lund getting any credit for the screenplay.

Lund wrote the majority of it, pouring her blood, sweat and tears in that screenplay, all while Abel took credit cause he's a pretentious weasel. But also because Zoe probably wouldn't have sex with him while she was alive. I watched Bad Leuitenant, it was disturbing, especially the explicit rape scene.  Curiously as I watch the scene with  Zoë playing the drug addicted prostitute who gives the [Keitel] Leuitenant a fix, I couldn't help but speculate whether she was really high on something, check it out below. Sure officially she said they did saline shots, but this scene didn't have any needles in it.  

Unofficially rumor was that she snorted Heroin prior to filming the scene. Lund was open about her Heroin use as it was the near the end of the era that Gia was also indulging in the drug.  

Zoë Lund deserves every bit of her credit for that screenplay. We are left to wonder how her screenplay about Gia would have turned out had it been produced. I trulyTara Gill believe that we would have seen the main character portrayed not by Angelina Jolie, but by an actress who possesses the beauty of Carangi, but also an edginess that was less “Hollywood” than the portrayal by Angenlina Jolie. Someone like model Tara Gill who looks as much like the real Gia as Angelina Jolie did could play the doomed model and she looks as if replicating Carangi’s demise to Heroin could be more realistic [contingent on her ability to act]. So unless someone digs up that lost screenplay by lund we will never know what could have been.  I am ready for a less contrived reworking of the Carangi story. 

I had no problem reworking the L Word when I saw the downward spiral it began, but when my supposedly secure site was hacked by a location in Vancouver and my work mysteriously began appearing in the 5th season I was like "Whoa, this is Bullsh*t." So I will leave the Gia Bio redux alone [at least for now].

RIP Zoë 

Zoë Lund channeling model Arizona Muse:

Zo Lund - Zoe Lund


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