Seeing Red (It’s A Good Thing)

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Voters' Decide! 4 MORE Years For Pres Obama
Oh Yeah I’m seeing Red, Loren Allred that is.  Yep I still am partial to red heads, but they have to be babes if they want to be my fantasy girlfriend.  Loren fit that perfectly.  Plus she’s singing one of my all time favorite songs by Lisa Stansfield: All Around The World.

Brit Soul Rules: "All  Around the World" performed by by Lisa Stansfield

Oh Great now I have to hear more, they need to change the word "boy" to "Woman or girl":

November 6, 2012.  I had nauseously spent the majority of the evening watching the Presidential election returns, working myself up into a nerve wracked frenzy.
Then I decided to take a beat.  I mean I can’t take this craziness. Obama needs to be reelected and I am tired of waiting for it.  If Romney wins? Oh my, I think I’ll retreat from reality in live out a potential Romney administration in a Gia Carangi chocolate fueled delusion.  

Barack Obama defeats Mitt Romney to win second term as US president! 

Thankfully before the clock struck midnight Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected 44th President of the United States! We \don’t even need the results from the west coast! Dayum.

I’ll think I’ll send Mitt a tweet and advise him to drink a cup of warm milk and finally abandon his quest to be president.  Romney's ideas are sexist, paternalistic and as old as the gray hair surrounding his balls.

The U.S. is more Latino/a - African Americans who supported Obama were certainly not about to abandon Obama in the face of Rush Limbaugh’s relentless attacks and most importantly we women who value their sense of  are not much inclined to let males unbridled control over our bodies.  Those variables almost make marriage equality a second tier issue, but it’s not as Maryland has passed by popular vote marriage equality and Maryland DREAM Act passes! I don’t live in Maryland, but that’s very progressive of them!

There  was a time when the image of the Republican represented wealth, education and privilege, it was also when I was a child.  The fact that being a Republican now means ignorance lies, delusion, derision, hatred and racism.  Mitt Romney tried to run a campaign that would have worked when I was a child. Romney never seemed to catch on that intelligent Americans weren’t having any of it.

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