So Sad

It’s difficult to write when one sees the horrors set upon the innocent.  We are removed when tragedy occurs elsewhere and shocked when it appears on out front step. and  more so when children are affected.

It’s unfathomable wherever the tragedy occurs, but we know that Guns Kill people, more specifically people with guns kill. There is nowhere for the gun zealots to hide, there is no more misinterpreting the Constitution in order to justify blood lust. It’s time to stop fearing the NRA, as they conspicuously remain silent during this latest holocaust.

The NRA is so damn quick to lobby for people to have the right to own guns, and even more fervent in resisting efforts to weed out the crazies by requiring background checks. The NRA never offers any insights on how to lessen such tragedies.  Where is their leadership, when it comes to curbing gun violence? One jerk said: "Legislating guns is like passing a law making spoons smaller so there will be lass fat people," while another idiot chimed in with" "Is it any worse than dying by hunger?" Unbelievable.

Yes those comments are as asinine as they read because people don't go on killing rampages and masscre an entire class with  spoons the starvation vs. gunshgot argument i9s too "Out There" to address. If this is the level of intelligence in an average NRA supporter. Well no wonder they remain silent.

I am not interested is arguments that nothing could have prevent this loss of lives. I hate guns, perio and I look down upon gun owners as lower life forms to be avoided.
Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut
Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
First Graders are a NOT threat to ANYONE, most grade school students and teachers are not a threat either. 

I am heartbroken. 

I grew up in New England, would take Sunday drives through Newton. It shouldn’t be this way.  Newtown, CT represented the type of place where you wanted to raised your children. Removed from the smog ridden  and choke-filled streets of New York City, it was a haven, a respite. Not anymore, I feel for the mothers and fathers that lost their children, for the children who lost parents and for everyone affected by this tragic occurrence.

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