Run Ashley Run..But Be Prepared For….

Actress Ashley Judd, who has appeared in over ...
Actress Ashley Judd


Does Ashley Judd’s impending divorce make a Senate run more likely?


Although I’m not from, nor do I live in Kentucky, I personally would love to see Ashley Judd is a United States Senator!

Barring having already held political office, Judd is nonetheless qualified: She’s well travelled, a graduate from Harvard, politically and charitably active. Not to mention my secret crush lo these  many years.
Of course I am concerned about the state of Kentucky, which may not be ready for such a savvy and politically progressive candidate as Ms. Judd should she choose to run for office.

If an individual like: Mitch “The B*tch” McConnell can  get elected and re elected year after year as a man who most recently known for stating that the sole goal of the G.O.P was to make Barack Obama a one term president well, that doesn’t bode well with me.
So Ashley if you run darlin, be prepared for dirty Republican tricks. I live in this town and the dysfunction runs deep my dear.
That said, Let’s Do Lunch Once You’re Elected!
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