The “Un” Coming Out of Jodie Foster

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 It was the end of an era when Jodie Foster finally admitted that she's gay (though she never actually said the word) at the Golden Globes.  Oh wait Ms. Foster hasn’t actually said she’s a lesbian or gay for that matter. I don’t care what other admission she’s made by acknowledging her former partner, there’s a sense of magic, a sense of finality that occurs when you actually utter the words: I’m a lesbian, or I’m gay. Not to be equated with an end of life finality or ending my career finality…

There was NOTHING Brave about Foster's non admission during the Golden Globes. When you reach a certain age, it really doesn't matter what the public thinks about you.  Especially in 2013 when it's a time that so much progress has been made in our lives that it's historic. 

Besides it's not like Foster was jeopardizing the zillions of dollars she earned in her 47 years of being a movie star. No nothing brave about her non admission at all.

That’s what was so strange about Foster’s Golden Globe moment: After all it's 2013! There’s  “Marriage Equality" in some states [coming to your state] and we can be out in the military! Jodie Foster apparently didn’t know this, being in the closet for so long. 

I'm roughly the same age as Jodie, and yet I had the courage to come out over 20 years ago. This was before Glee and Modern Family and Will & Grace -- and even Ellen DeGeneres' historical and culture-changing pronouncement. In fact the only icons I had  were the ones left over from the 50's and 60's, replete with tragedy and lonliness.  Which is why I, and many others, took a leap of faith and dealt with the consequences of establishing our idntity. Of course, I wasn't worried about losing $20 million a picture and that was I suspect Foster’s motive. 

I’ve stated so every time I read on some lesbian site cheers and allocates for this actress, who never seemed to embrace her lesbian identity publicly.

Foster blamed publicly for her remaining in the closet all these years -- even with a long-term partner and two children --  yes she blamed it on that whiny excuse that so many celebrities use: "privacy."

 I’ve previously written on this blog that when one is in a public profession like acting or politics that you tacitly agree to your privacy being invaded.  Really were we any less informed about Jodie’s love life just because she kept her mouth shut all those years? NO, in fact Ms. Foster with her silence readily relinquished any control she may have had concerning public perception of her.

There are many "private" stars who don't do a lot of press and don't talk about their personal lives, like Angelina and Brad, Daniel Day-Lewis and Johnny Depp, but we know basic facts about them, such as whom they are married to, or in a relationship- with. The "privacy" excuse is just that: an excuse.

Jodie Foster also seemed to announce that she's leaving show business. That’s what struck me, it’s as if all these years she wouldn’t come out because doing would prove to be a career ender, so in a pre-emptive move she ended her career to come out. WTF? I don't know, it was all a bit bizarre.
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